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We’re committed to keeping you aware of books that are written by African American authors or contain a majority of African American characters.

Shelftalker: World Full of Color List: A growing list (300+) of picture books, middle grades and young adult novels revolved around characters of color but not about race. Compiled by Elizabeth Bluemle, President, Association of Booksellers for Children

Young Adult
Young Adult Library

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Middle Grade

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Publishers/Imprints Dedicated to Multi-Cultural Children’s Literature

*in alphabetical order

Award-winning literary fiction and non-fiction. Primarily picture books to middle grade.

Children’s Book Press (Lee & Low)
Multi-cultural books with a special emphasis on picture books and early readers. Focus includes African American, Latino, Asian American, Latino and Native American.

KTeen Dafina
Multi-cultural popular fiction with books centering primarily on African American, Latino and Caucasian characters.

Jump At The Sun
Award-winning literary fiction and non-fiction ranging from picture books to young adult.

Just Us Books
Wide range of Afro-centric picture books, chapter books and some young adult.

Kimani Tru YA
Multi-cultural popular fiction, many of them series books, focused primarily on African American characters.

Lee & Low
Children’s books ranging from PB to Young Adult with a special focus on multi-cultural including African American, Latino, Asian, Native American, and Middle Eastern.

17 Responses to BBS Library

  1. Jessi Peterson says:

    Lovely resource – just in a quick browse I see all kinds of things I didn’t know were out there that our library can offer.

  2. cora says:

    We at Color Online, applaud you for your individual achievements and we appreciate what you have created here at The Brown Bookshelf. We actively support you by linking to your site, promoting your articles aand we offer your books in our Prize Bucket.

    We wish you all continued success.

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  4. […]  Brown Bookshelf Features books for teens that are written by African American authors or books that contain a majority of African American characters […]

  5. hello, im a new self publisher of an african american writer and like for you to view the book , go to the website at the link above.would like to promote it in the black community.

    thank you
    josette bolden

  6. Igre says:

    BBS Library! I will bookmark this site. It helps me searching books that cannot found the real library.

  7. C. Tarrancec says:

    I am looking for a children’s book titled “Black Pianists of Classical Music,” written by Nevilla Ottley in 1994. The book, now out of print, had limited distribution mainly in the DC area. A person who would have received this book as a child would now be in the age range of 21-31. If anyone has a copy they should contact me at Thanks

  8. […] to find out more about great books written by and about children of color, go see my friends at The Brown Bookshelf, a wonderful website dedicated to introducing the myriad of African American voices writing for […]

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  10. […] simply can not sing enough praises for The Brown Bookshelf, an incredibly rich resource for lovers of children’s books written for and by African […]

  11. Folk Serija says:

    I don’t know how I lived before I found BBS Library… :)

  12. This is an awesome resources. Thanks for creating it.

  13. […] can afford it) every month to enrich and diversify their collection. For ideas on titles, check out The Brown Bookshelf, the CBC Resource Page of book lists, the book lists created for Pat Mora’s Día de los […]

  14. […] can afford it) every month to enrich and diversify their collection. For ideas on titles, check out The Brown Bookshelf, the CBC Resource Page of book lists, the book lists created for Pat Mora’s Día de los Niños […]

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