Day 16: Kelli London

kelli londonAccording to Kensington Publishing’s website, Kelli London has been writing since she was six years old. That’s not hard to believe, as she has been such a prolific writer for the company, penning seven YA novels since 2011 and co-authoring another. Her most recent title, Beware of Boys, was published last month and is the fourth title in the Charly’s Epic Fiascos series.


beware of boys kelli london cover

Kelli’s passion for young people isn’t limited to literary pursuits. She has also served as a mentor for A Dream Inc.,  a non-profit organization for teenagers. Other passions include “girly stuff: clothes…lip gloss, movies with happy endings”, as well as Ashtanga yoga and anything education-related. On day 16, we recognize University of Connecticut graduate and Atlanta author, Kelli London.


Other young adult titles by Kelli London:

charly fiascos k london

reality check k londonstar power k london

boyfriend season k london

cali boys k london

uptown dreams k london



Find out more about Kelli London’s books at

2 Responses to Day 16: Kelli London

  1. tadmack says:

    I love the look of these books – and the “normal” teen vibe that give them a wide audience.

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