Day 29: Meet The BBS – Paula Chase Hyman

Day 29 is like being atop a mountain and looking out on the lay of the land, which are 28 great spotlights and knowing that readers and those who influence readers have the work of 28 more creative authors to consume. Pride and satisfaction are understatements to describe how that makes me feel.

But, making sure The Brown Bookshelf and 28 Days Later goes off like a well-oiled machine can be challenging. What gets lost in the mix is that we, the BBS members, are all authors as well. So thanks to Leap Year, we’re able to remind not only our visitors of that…but ourselves, as well. Promoting others and yourself, simultaneously, not such an easy thing.

So here I go…

The Journey After the Journey

You can check the About Us page or my bio to find out a bit more about me. What’s less known is what happened after my Del Rio Bay series was published.  Kensington published the five-book series between 2007 and 2009. My initial goal was to get the characters to graduation. Instead, the series ends at the end of their junior year. I still have readers write me and say – Noooo what happens next?! Tell me there’s another book coming. And those emails never fail to make me smile. I love that readers have bonded with Mina and the clique. But the will of the readers  is not always that of the industry.
drama-cover.jpg twisted.jpg
The series continues to  live on in libraries, in the online marketplace and wherever readers can get their hands on it. Meanwhile, I’m trying to find my way back to writing regularly.  From the time my series launched until now, writing has always been something that has to take place in between my full-time job and managing a busy family. So one day, my current Work-in-Progress will see the light of day. And if this article, about teens and ebooks, is right – sooner rather than later because ebooks opens up the opportunity for me to try free e-novellas etc…So watch out for me, I’ll be back in “print,” no matter the form.

The Buzz

The Del Rio Bay series was among the first contemporary YA books featuring a multi-cultural cast where the storyline wasn’t strictly revolved around race. I’m proud to say that because of books like mine Nikki Carter and Ni-Ni Simone were able to publish their YA books. The DRB series proved readers, of any race, were looking for books that portrayed a more diverse community. And it proved that readers of color were hungry for books that went beyond historical fiction.


4 Responses to Day 29: Meet The BBS – Paula Chase Hyman

  1. tadmack says:

    Early in my writing, I had much the same thing happen to me, with a small Christian press – the books are all but out of print, but I had readers for a long time asking, “but what happened next?” It is SO HARD to accept that sometimes the desires of the market change. I always told those who asked to write their own next chapters – and I hope they did.

    I think you show tremendous determination and courage in moving forward and continuing to read and to promote the work of other people, even as you keep looking out for your own. I believe that we will indeed keep seeing you in print – and I look forward to it!

    Thank you, Ms. Hyman.

  2. paulahy says:

    It’s tough to be on the “sidelines” right now. But I know my writing peers (those who write full-time and those who hold other full-time jobs in addition to writing) understand just how challenging it is to juggle so much and keep those voices in your head strong. Right now, all I have going on mutes the voices. But there’s a time and place for everything, right? Thanks for the words of encouragement! Always appreciated.

  3. Liana says:

    Can’t wait for your next project!

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