Day 15: Lyah B. LeFlore

Lyah B. LeFlore

Lyah B. LeFlore is the author of the young adult novels, The World Is Mine and Can’t Hold Me Down in the Come Up series. Both are published by Simon & Schuster. In a video interview on Simon & Schuster’s website, Lyah said the Come Up books are about a group of multi-ethnic kids “taking their dreams to the next level by any means necessary”. Her inspiration was her big sisters going to New York to “go for their dreams”.

Booklist says of The World Is Mine, “The Come Up series has nailed a strong opener.”

Read the complete review at Booklist Review

To find out more about Lyah including a video interview, visit her Simon & Schuster author page.


The World Is Mine

Can't Hold Me Down


One Response to Day 15: Lyah B. LeFlore

  1. tadmack says:

    These look like made-to-order movie novels. Those covers are very uptown and cinematic. As always, it’s nice to see books listed I’ve not heard of before.

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