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The Brown Bookshelf Announces 2011 Spotlight Authors & Illustrators

Today, The Brown Bookshelf announced the twenty-four authors and four illustrators to be spotlighted in the group’s fourth annual 28 Days Later initiative, a month-long celebration of veteran and emerging children’s authors of color. “Four years in and spotlighting authors of color is as important as ever,” said Brown Bookshelf member, Paula Chase Hyman. “It was especially heartening to see so many young adult authors submitted this year. This is the first time that we had more YA authors submitted than Picture Books. As much as we want to see balance, no doubt it’s progress that a category that averaged a handful of submissions was the top submission getter.”

Spotlight suggestions from faithful Brown Bookshelf visitors began rolling in soon after the submissions window opened in September.  Readers, librarians, teachers and writers of children’s literature stepped up to suggest names of African American authors they felt were not getting enough exposure. “There’s always a question of how ‘under the radar’ an author or illustrator is, but those submitting are passionate about their suggestions,” said member, Kelly Starling-Lyons. “Whether it’s a brand-new author or someone who has been toiling in the trenches, it feels good to see so many worthy nominees.”

The authors and the day they will be featured are as follows:
Vanguard authors in bold.
Illustrators in italics.

Feb. 1 – Ebony Joy Wilkins (YA)
Feb. 2 – Randy DuBurke– (Illustrator)
Feb. 3 – Toyomi Igus – (PB)
Feb. 4 – Hope Anita Smith – (MG)
Feb. 5 – Renee Watson – (PB)
Feb. 6 – Wade and Cheryl Hudson – (PB)
Feb. 7 – Christopher Grant – (YA)
Feb. 8 – Crystal Allen – (MG)
Feb. 9 – Artist Arthur – (YA)
Feb. 10 – Vanessa Brantly Newton – (Illustrator)
Feb. 11 – Marie Bradby – (PB)
Feb. 12 – Torrey Maldonado – (MG)
Feb. 13 – Reshonda Tate Billingsley – (YA )
Feb. 14 – Ernest Hill – (YA)
Feb. 15 – Lynn Joseph – (MG)
Feb. 16 – Kevin Lewis – (PB)
Feb. 17 – E.B. Lewis – (Illustrator)
Feb. 18 – Joyce Carol Thomas – (PB)
Feb. 19 – Rachel Renee Russell – (MG)
Feb. 20 – Frank Morrison – (Illustrator)
Feb. 21 – Adwoa Badoe – (YA)
Feb. 22- Sharon Dennis Wyeth – (MG)
Feb. 23 – Dia Reeves – (YA)
Feb. 24 – Gwendolyn Hooks – (PB)
Feb. 25 – Harriet Robinet – (MG)
Feb. 26 – Jewell Parker Rhodes – (MG)
Feb. 27 – Dimitrea Tokunbo- (PB)
Feb. 28 – Lori Aurelia Williams – (YA)