Re-introducing our 28 Days Later Poster

If you dropped by here earlier today and tried to download our 28 Days Later poster, I need to apologize. We had major problems…or, more specifically, I had major problems. I’ll spare you the technical gobbledegook. But after a long day and many, many, many error messages, I think the poster is finally good to go. Click here to download a .pdf version. Click here to download a .jpg.
If you’re still receiving error messages, please let us know so that we can continue to work out any bugs.


4 thoughts on “Re-introducing our 28 Days Later Poster

  1. Thank you for putting together such a great poster. I will be sharing this site with as many people as possible. I would also like to add Javaka Steptoe as an author to be appreciated.

  2. We found this valuable history after eight years. Thank you for collecting our
    his/her story, as you did. New York Harlemites are most excited about Ms.
    Irene Smalls, February 23. Hopefully the world of art and economics will to support your creativity. Present and future!

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