9 thoughts on “Oprah’s YA Picks Color-less

  1. Perhaps she’s not aware of any YA African-American writers. It’s possible she could have given this assignment to someone else. In that case, she needs a nudge.

  2. Normally I’d say – we need to step up our game, but honestly I think there are resources out there, where there weren’t as many a year or two years ago. People simply have to WANT their lists to reflect the diversity of society which will require more research on the part of the people doing the listing. But I think book/reader people are doing their grassroots part to make sure the information exists.

  3. I just looked at the other lists (10-12, 6-9) There are some other AA books represented. Maybe 2-4 more. I guess that’s a little better than just one.

  4. Edi wrote about this and I went straight to the site, registered and then complained. I don’t care if Oprah personally knew. I care that she obviously has a staff who is oblivious to writers of color and that is unacceptable. What does it take to simply acknowledge the diversity that exists in this society?

  5. @Tee You’re right and I went back and added that list in, for fairness.

    I mistakenly thought the YA list was the 10-12 list and I didn’t click on that link. I didn’t realize the YA list was 13+.

    So thanks for pointing that out.

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