It’s In There…

Totally dating myself here, but remember that old Ragu commercial where the grandma was making spaghetti sauce and one of her new- school grandchildren comes up and starts making all these suggestions of what she should put in the sauce to make it better? And everytime the grandchild mentions an ingrediant, Grandma says (with all the love and patience of a granny), “It’ssss in thereeee.”

Well, we’ve gotten some great submissions so far (keep them coming, please!!!!!!) but a few suggestions were like ingrediants in Ragu – they’re in there. In other words, we’ve already featured them.

But if people are mentioning them, it means their spotlight deserves a re-feature. So here ya go:

Sundee Frazier (2008)

Derrick Barnes (2009)

Marilyn Nelson (2009)

Tonya Hegamin (2010)

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