28 Days Later, 2014, Call for Submissions

imgres-4Get ready to rep your favorites. It’s that time. The submissions window has officially opened for the seventh annual 28 Days Later campaign, a Black History Month celebration of picture books, middle grade and young adult novels written and illustrated by African Americans. We will take nominations today through November 8th.

Over the past six years, we have proudly saluted 178 black authors and illustrators through our signature initiative. But there are so many more who deserve to be showcased.

That’s where you come in. Help us identify under-the-radar and vanguard African-American children’s book authors and illustrators we should consider profiling. Let us know who we should check out so we can give them the praise they’ve earned.

After the submissions window closes, we’ll research the names you’ve submitted and our internal nominations. Then, we’ll choose the stand outs who will be the next class of 28 Days Later honorees. The celebration of their work begins February 1.

Our mission is to “push awareness of the myriad of African American voices writing for young readers.” Too often, these authors and illustrators go unsung. With 28 Days Later, we put these talents in front of the folks who can get their books into the hands of kids – librarians, teachers, parents and booksellers among others.

Nominate your favorites in the comments section. Anyone can nominate. Publishers may nominate their authors. Authors may self-nominate. Please note that we do not accept nominations of self-published authors. You can check out who we’ve featured in the past here, here, here and here. If you could make sure your nominee hasn’t already been featured, that would be a great help.

Spread the word and nominate often. With your support, we can make a difference. Thank you for helping us salute children’s book creators of color.

17 thoughts on “28 Days Later, 2014, Call for Submissions

  1. The Last Black King of the Kentucky Derby: The Story of Jimmy Winkfield by Crystal Hubbard and Robert McGuire
    Game, Set, Match, Champion Arthur Ashe by Crystal Hubbard and Kevin Belford (Sep 30, 2010)
    Catching the Moon: The Story of a Young Girl’s Baseball Dream by Crystal Hubbard and Randy Duburke (Jun 30, 2010)

  2. I would also recommend Crystal Hubbard, any of her stories. The one I enjoyed most recently was “IQ High”, but the ones mentioned above are also very, very good.

  3. I would like for you to consider a set of 3 children’s books for beginning readers – Read? Yes, I Can! by author Deborah Watkins. The books are designed to help build a beginning reader’s self-esteem and self-confidence. Preview the first 8 pages of each book at http://www.DeborahHWatkins.com.

  4. Tiffany, Love– Thanks for your submissions. Congratulations on publishing your books, writing, revising, editing, publishing is no small undertaking. However, we’ve limited 28 Days Later to traditionally published books with mainstream houses, with professional reviews that we can use in determining honorees. Thanks for following us here, we appreciate your support.

  5. Illustrator London Ladd. His new book by Susan VanHecke is called Under the Freedom Tree and it comes out in January. Also, the awesome Don Tate whose new book The Cart That Carried Martin by Eve Bunting releases November 1. (Can I say that one?)

  6. Patriots of African Descent in the Revolutionary War -Grades 3-5 or ages 8 and up.
    Many children do not know that African indentured servants, free blacks as well as slaves assisted in the founding of our nation. In fact, there were between 5,000 and 20,000 patriots of African and Native American descent who served in the Continental Forces under the command of General George Washington. These are our country’s forgotten patriots. Author: Marion Lane
    Publisher: The Elevator Group

  7. I recommend Stephanie Kuehn of Charm & Strange (2013) and Complicit (2014). I also recommend Varian Johnson of The Great Greene Heist (2014). Lastly, I recommend Kiese Laymon of Long Division (2013). Maybe Lynn Joseph of Flowers in the Sky as well, if you haven’t featured her already.

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