The 28 Days poster

In February, we here at The Brown Bookshelf will begin our first initiative, 28 Days Later. For each day, we will highlight an author of children’s or young adult books. To go along with the initiative, I’ve designed a poster which will be available for download. For now, question marks mask the faces of the authors to be featured, but the final poster will display a photograph and more information about each author. Come February, for your school library, home library or classroom, I encourage you to download, print, laminate and display some of the best and brightest stars in African American children’s literature.


5 thoughts on “The 28 Days poster

  1. Hi Cloudsome,

    The final poster will be 11 x 17, which, I think, is still a printable size for most office printers. I can also offer a black and white version, for those who do not have color capabilities.

    Thanks for your interest.


  2. I found your site courtesy of the SLJ, Dec. 2007 issue. Just want to let you know that you guys are doing fantastic work. I can’t wait for the release of the poster. I plan to display this in the library’s YA area and distribute them to the schools. Do you guys have a group list that I can subscribe to?

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