Membership Has Its Privileges

Have you joined The Brown Bookshelf Myspace forum yet?

We know, we know – you’re already a member of a million and one other forums, message boards and blog subscriptions. But one more won’t kill you.  Especially since, starting next month the forum will host some great guests for our Summer Chat Series.

Temperature Check – State of the Kiddie Lit industry. Need we say more?

Indies & The Author – It’s competitive out there. Even the big chains are having trouble. So how can authors and independent bookstores keep one another afloat? Come talk to reps from two indies that do it well.

Hype, Hype Hooray – Sure, authors, agents, publishers and librarians think we know what teen readers want…but do we really? Hear it right from the mouth of young readers.

Tentative Guests:

Jen Carlson of Dunow, Carlson, Lerner

Regina Brooks of Serendipity Literary Agency

Representative from Hue-Man Bookstore, Harlem, NY

Jenn Laughren of Books Inc and Not Your Mother’s Bookclub

But you have to join the Brown Bookshelf forum to get up close and personal with our guests.  And because we’re all book lovers, there will be a chance to win some.

Dates and times are still being nailed down, so it’s not too early to sign up and get your front-row seat for these great chats.

See you there!

3 thoughts on “Membership Has Its Privileges

  1. OK I just joined the group. It looks like very new!! I see the forums, but no way to sign up for them. Anything else I need to do? Sorry, I’ve been a member of MySpace for a while, but never really liked it enough to get into it.

  2. Hi Edi. Yes the forum is in its infancy. We wanted to get the forum ramped up so people can sign up. But I don’t expect there to be much discussion going on until the summer chat series begins. So if you signed up, you should be good. We’ll be sending reminders via Myspace and posting here on the blog to let people know about the upcoming chats.

    Once the chats end, the forum will be there for anyone to start discussions about books, writing etc… as it relates to children’s lit. Thanks for joining!

  3. OK! I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you! My daughter has promised to ‘do something’ to my MySpace page, maybe it will be done before your message arrives!

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