Those Reader Girlz

Oh, those Reader Girlz…where do they find the time?

I’m telling you, these ladies have clearly found time in a bottle and are not sharing it with the rest of us.  Justina, Mitali, Dia and Lorie Ann, what’s your secret?

What I’m raving about is Reader Girlz upcoming chat series.

In honor of Teen Read Week, my favorite time of year, they’re hosting Night Bites, nightly chats from October 12-17 on their Myspace forum at 9 p.m. EST/6 p.m. PST.

The first chat will be October 13th: MultiCultural Bites featuring Coe Booth, a 2008 28 Days Later author (Tyrell), An Na (The Fold) and Mitali Perkins, Reader Girlz Diva (Secret Keeper).

I attended last year’s 31 Flavors chat with Nikki Grimes.  It’s a lot of fun hanging out with authors and the readers who love their books.  So stop in and say hey to Coe and her fellow guest chatters on the 13th to talk the Brown Bookshelf’s fave topic – multicultural books!

Other chats include:

Verse Bites (Oct. 14)

Contemporary Bites (Oct. 15) – I plan on checking this one out, too.

Fantasy Bites (Oct. 16)  & Gothic Bites (Oct. 17)

3 thoughts on “Those Reader Girlz

  1. I’m sorry I missed Coe Booth last night! I’ll check the archives and see if they are posting it.

    In the middle of all this Cybils excitement ( I am wondering about whether there is a mock Coretta Scott King award going on that you all know about? I remember Don Tate last year talking about its lacking. Is anyone starting one for this year? Would someone at the BBS be interested in getting it going or tracking one down? I’d love to see it happen…

  2. The good news is, you haven’t missed it yet. It’s tonight (the 13th).

    Last year we here at the BBS did give our “predictions” for CSK winners. I’m sure we can be sweet talked into doing that again.

  3. I saw a note somewhere on a blog that Kyra Hicks was going to do one, but she didn’t tell me that. I’d love to see a blog dedicated to a running mock CSK. The other awards have them, often run by libraries…

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