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Thanks to Patricia W over at Readin N Writin blog for selecting The Brown Bookshelf as a Fab Blog.

Since you’re only supposed to select five blogs and it’s five of us here at BBS, it works out perfectly. You’re also supposed to list five things you’re addicted to…but sorry Pat we’re going to skip that part and just bestow some fab love on a few lit bloggers we heart.

I’ll go first…

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. And out of Readergirlz, or at least the concept, The Brown Bookshelf was born. It goes without saying their site is fab, but their blog is fabulous because it keeps the visitor totally tied into ReaderGirlz happenings with short, sweet entries – just the way teen readers like ’em…and me too.

Don — I’ve been reading Cynthia Leitich Smith’s Cynsations ever since I discovered blogs, back in 2004.

There are so many social networks now, and the kidlitosphere has grown so large that it’s hard to keep up with all that’s going on. So Cynsations and/or SpookyCyn has become my main source of industry news.

Kelly — Kyra Hicks’ Black Threads in Kid’s Lit was one of the first blogs I read. When Kyra wrote about the Cooperative Children’s Book Center’s (CCBC) multicultural publishing statistics, she set the Internet abuzz. With an insightful blend of black picture book recommendations, industry news and cool factoids and photos, she keeps me coming back.

Carla — Boys Rule Boys Read is a new addition to my blog reading, but this is a great blog that actively promotes boys reading and does it with a cool Star Wars oriented theme.  I always saw mention of Boys Rule, Boys Read when I logged on to my local library website, but recently checked it out thinking it was just a reading list for boys.  So male readers in Charlotte can attend events sponsored by BRBR, but male readers, their parents, and teachers can log on to BRBR and participate from afar in great discussions.

Varian — Two blogs have caught my attention recently: A Wrung Sponge and Color Online. At A Wrung Sponge, Librarian Andromeda Jazmon routinely posts about multi-cultural kid’s books and poetry. Color Online is a blog dedicated to providing a platform for young women to express themselves through literature and other arts. Both are great blogs to add to your blogreader.

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  1. It’s all good, Paula. I think this was a great way to respond (and to point me toward some more fabulous blogs). Thanks for being a great sport.

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