A Teen-y Change

Look up and to your right.

Notice anything different about The Brown Bookshelf main nav bar?



Do ya’ see it?

We have a Teen Lit page. ::applause here::

Thank you. Thank you. Please, take your seats.

Although our mission is to increase awareness among gatekeepers to the kingdom of kiddie lit – i.e. you our loyal librarian, teacher and parent visitors, we’re ever expanding. And we noticed that many of our YA spotlights drew teen readers wanting to reach out to the authors to say “I loved it.”

So we wanted to make sure there was a page to help teen readers find the brown books just for them.

The teen lit page will consist of authors featured during 28 Days Later and any other YA authors we mention or cover throughout the year.

Also, featured on the page, are links to other sites that highlight teen books, some specifically for brown books, others just for teen-friendly fare.

We’re always looking for ways to enhance your experience. So, in the works, similiar pages for Picture Books and MG novels.

Stay tuned.

Paula Chase is the author of the Del Rio Bay Series. The fifth and final book, Flipping The Script, was released April 1st. She nearly went cross-eyed trying to configure the covers for the new Teen Lit page, so she hopes people enjoy it.

7 thoughts on “A Teen-y Change

  1. Thanks for the suggestions, but we’re actually only including authors we’ve spotlighted via reviews or 28 days later. I knew if it were just any YA brown book we’d inevitably be missing a lot and would require constant updating. By keeping it to authors we’ve covered, it makes managing the page more realistic. My hope was that the links to other teen book sites will offset the many that aren’t on our page.

  2. YAY! Of course I’m excited.

    By the way, I’ve blogged about my gift books from Don at Black-Eyed Susan’s and Color Online. Can’t wait to brag about Ms. Chase et al soon as well.

    Don, Ron’s Mission is prominently on display in our library and it just so happened that the day we put it on display we had the CEO and a new volunteer visiting us.

    Thanks for all you do.

  3. Please review and consider if Color Online is teen friendly. We’d love to be linked. We are currently looking for teen reviewers. We are looking at ways to mentor and promote teen bloggers who review works by writers of color.


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