Summer Reading 2009

It’s that time again.  School is out for the summer and young adults are looking for something to read.   There are plenty of great books on the shelves of local libraries and bookstores to entertain every type of reader.

Here are 5 titles to add to your summer reading list or share with the young adults in your life.

May 26
Drama High: Keep It Movin’ by L. Divine

drama high

Summary: South Bay High’s Jayd Jackson finally has her own ride, but that sure doesn’t mean her troubles are over…

These days, Jayd just can’t seem to get a break. Her car is more trouble than it’s worth; her girl Mickey is being forced to attend continuation school; and Rah and his ex Sandy are still arguing.

Despite these distractions, Jayd concentrates on making potions for hair and developing her own signature braid technique, which is getting her a lot of respect and money. But then school starts up again, and with it comes more drama. If Jayd wants to keep it all under control, she’ll have to look deep into herself and take her destiny into her own hands…

June 1
Deal With It (Kimani Tru) by Monica McKayhan


Summary: Indigo Summer and her best friend, Jade, are at the top of their game. They’re the most popular girls at school, the best dancers on the high-school squad, and now one of them is going to be team captain. Indigo just never expected it to be Jade. For the first time in forever, Indigo is jealous of her best friend, and they’re not the only ones on the squad dealing with major drama. Tameka rocked her SATs and is destined for a top college, but one lapse in judgment with her boyfriend, Vance, will change everything.Friendships, the team, their futures…this time, it’s all on the line.

June 9
Mare’s War by Tanita S. Davis


Summary: Octavia and Tali are dreading the road trip their parents are forcing them to take with their grandmother over the summer. After all, Mare isn’t your typical grandmother. She drives a red sports car, wears stiletto shoes, flippy wigs, and push-up bras, and insists that she’s too young to be called Grandma. But somewhere on the road, Octavia and Tali discover there’s more to Mare than what you see. She was once a willful teenager who escaped her less-than-perfect life in the deep South and lied about her age to join the African American battalion of the Women’s Army Corps during World War II.

Told in alternating chapters, half of which follow Mare through her experiences as a WAC member and half of which follow Mare and her granddaughters on the road in the present day, this novel introduces a larger-than-life character who will stay with readers long after they finish reading.

June 11
Surf Mules by G. Neri

surf mules

Summary: When Logan goes searching for the Perfect Monster Wave, he doesn’t expect his former best friend to be killed by it. Add to this a deadbeat dad who bankrupted his family and the possibility of college going down the drain, and Logan is suddenly in a tailspin. So when small-time dealer Broza offers Logan and his dropout pal, Z-boy, a summer job that could make them rich, it seems his problems might be solved. But between Z-boy’s constant screwups, a band of Nazi surfers out for blood, and a mysterious stranger on their tail, Logan is starting to have some serious doubts about hauling contraband across country, and hopes just to make it home alive.

June 23
Just Another Hero by Sharon Draper

just another hero

Summary: Suppose someone showed up in YOUR classroom carrying an AK-47.

You have a split second:

To think.

To act.

To be a hero.

But what is a hero?

That question becomes all too real for Arielle, November, Jericho, and their friends. They’ve been through so much: the hazing ritual that left Joshua dead and hearts aching; November finding out that she was pregnant with Josh’s baby. But senior year is going well, and when the fire alarm goes off in English class, everyone assumes that crazy Jack is trying to get out of another quiz. But the alarm was pulled for a very different reason. A potentially deadly reason. There’s only a matter of seconds to stop a tragedy, and all eyes are searching for someone — anyone — to step up and do something.

4 thoughts on “Summer Reading 2009

  1. Summer, I am looking forward to the new Sharon Draper as well. The plot summary really captured my attention.

  2. I’ve read L. Divines book Drama High:The Fight it was so good if you havent read it I would advise to read it. its and awesome book.

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