Twitter Book Parties

I have no idea how people do it. But some authors have an insatiable need to pay it forward and give back.

Mitali Perkins is one of them. Her latest (ad)venture is helping authors host twitter birthday parties for their new releases.
The birthday parties are designed to showcase the books and build awareness. The idea is adorable. Birthday parties for books. Makes me giggle.

But it’s also just a really cool thing to do as we all attempt to keep our books in the eye of the reading public.

If you’re an author who tweets and has a book on the horizon, there are still slots left.

Even if you aren’t, check out the Twitter Book Parties page and witness yet another technique used to bring attention to good reads.

3 Responses to Twitter Book Parties

  1. Karen says:

    What a great idea! I tell you that Twitter is really changing the game with networking and promotion.

  2. Paula says:

    It really is, to a large degree. At the very least, it’s changing how you access certain information.

  3. Novel says:

    The party sure sounds like fun! Great blog. . . keep it going!

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