Wanted: One Kiddie Lit Ambassador

The Library of Congress is looking for the next National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature.

Here are the criteria:
*Author or illustrator of fiction or nonfiction books
* U.S. citizen, living in the U.S.
* Excellent and facile communicator
* Dynamic and engaging personality
* Known ability to relate to children; communicates well and regularly with them
* Someone who has made a substantial contribution to young people’s literature
* Stature; someone who is revered by children and who has earned the respect and admiration of his or her peers

Roger Sutton of Horn Book is taking names. So you know what that means, right?

Let’s get some children’s authors of color on the short list! Submit your suggestions in the comment section on Roger Sutton’s blog post.

Past 28 Days Later Trailblazers come to mind, immediately.

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