Day 17: E.B. Lewis

E.B. Lewis is the award-winning illustrator of more than fifty books for children, a few of which include Virgie Goes to School with Us Boys, (Simon & Schuster, 1999); Talkin’ about Bessie: The Story of Aviator Elizabeth Coleman, (Orchard, 2002); Coming on Home Soon, (Putnam, 2004); The Negro Speaks of Rivers, (Hyperion, 2009).

In 2003, Mr. Lewis won the Coretta Scott King Illustration Award for Talkin’ about Bessie, and in 2005 he won a Caldecott Honor for the book Coming on Home. The awards don’t stop there. He is also the recipient of Notable Book selections from the American Library Association and Notable Books for the Language Arts citation, and more.

E.B. Lewis entered the world of children’s books in 1993, when his art appeared in Jane Kurtz’s Fire on the Mountain (Simon & Schuster). As a fine artist, E.B. first declined an offer to illustrate a children’s book. But then agent Jeff Dwyer schooled him on the business of trade picture books, and encouraged E.B. to seek out the works of other illustrators. After doing so, E.B. changed his mind, saying, “Hey, I can paint better than those guys!”

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to snag an interview with Mr. Lewis. I know, bummer, but what to do? Here are a few links concerning the artist:

The artist’s website:

R. Michelson Galleries:

E.B. Lewis Video Interview, Scholastic:


4 Responses to Day 17: E.B. Lewis

  1. tanita says:

    I had the opportunity to briefly meet this gentleman last year at the CSK breakfast. He’s a really genuine person, a nice guy, and a talented artist! Hope you get that interview next time!

  2. I, too, was fortunate enough to meet E.B. Lewis at the SCBWI Conference in L.A. last year. As Don and Tanita have already stated, he is a very fine artist, genuine person and nice guy.

  3. Lindsey Lane says:

    Whenever I see Mr. Lewis’s illustrations, I feel as if I could step into the page and be in that world. Actually, his drawings make me want to step into the page. Secret World of Walter Anderson…I want to get in my car and go to Mississippi, rent a skiff and row out to Hope Island. Seriously.

  4. The Negro Speaks of Rivers reminded me of my own southern roots and rides with my grandparents where i would see some of those sights….like LIndsey, I want to step into E. B Lewis’ paintings.

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