National Day On Writing 2011

There’s a day for everything. Literally. Some days it’s exhausting. I mean I can barely keep up with whether it’s Monday versus Wednesday…well actually that’s not true. Mondays vibe is way different. Still, from National Ice Cream day to Kiss a Pig in Purple, there seems to be a day to honor every possible human thing (and some not).

But National Day on Writing, October 20, is certainly a day I not only can get down with, but also a day I’d really like to be an active participant of.

So, here’s the deal…

I’m going to ask my BBS compadres to email me with why they write for children. I’ll post those responses on October 20th and on that day I’d love for our visitors to chat it up in the comments about why they write for children or if you’re a librarian, teacher, blogger or parent who actively encourages reading in your household – how and why you support children’s literature.

I think October 20th is the perfect day to remind ourselves and others why we’re so dedicated to an art form and literary field that will likely never make us rich (financially) or famous.

On October 20, come back and play along.

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