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Witnessing the pure unadulterated love from fans for the authors and their work makes managing The Brown Bookshelf so much fun. Sometimes the joy of reading can be lost in the hand wringing about the industry. Seeing fans come out for authors and books they love keeps things in perspective.

Well, over the years, we’ve found that some authors don’t maintain websites.

I know, hard to believe. But since many of us don’t write “full-time” I understand.

For those authors, when a reader Google’s them, their 28 Days Later spotlight may be one of the few interactive sites that pops up. In other words, they may find plenty of other sites that give a short bio but not many that give them the chance to leave a comment.

Yes, 28 Days Later authors, some of you are totally getting fan mail via comments here.

If any of our regular visitors knows or has access to any of the authors featured here, remind them to stop by and check out their pages now and then. They may be pleasantly surprised to see they’ve received comments from readers well after the campaign ended.

Without doing one stitch of research, I know the author who has received the most comments here and whose BBS page pops up FIRST on a Google search is Dana Davidson. Hey, Dana, stop in and get your love, lady!

3 thoughts on “Fans Live Here

  1. I’m not surprised that Ms. Davidson has a lot of fan mail here. I cannot keep either of her books it my media center! Over the years, I’ve bought about 10 copies of Jason and Kyra!

  2. To me, Jason and Kyra is THE pioneer of contemporary YA featuring African Americans outside of historical fic and an underlying “hood” issue. Plus Dana’s my idol. She writes and still teaches which gives me hope that I can continue to juggle it all.

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