Party for Five

One may be the loneliest number, but five is a party.

We’re proud to announce our twenty-four authors and four illustrators spotlights marking our fifth annual 28 Days Later initiative, a month-long celebration of veteran and emerging children’s authors of color.

There was a time when we considered doing something BIG to mark the fifth year. Five years is a wonderful milestone. In five years we’ve gained three additional Brown Bookshelf members helping to spread the word on good books, we’ve aligned ourselves with other great bloggers and most importantly, once you add this year’s great batch of creative artists to the mix, we’ve profiled 140 authors and illustrators.

Then we realized that simply bringing you these special profiles was big enough. But we’d like your help making sure the word gets out that The Brown Bookshelf is the place to hit for any reader, parent, teacher or librarian looking for great books by and about people of color. Tell a friend to tell a friend to come back every single day in February and we’ll officially seal the deal on doing big things for kiddie lit.

So without further ado, the 2012 28 Days Later Features:

February 1 – Kwame Alexander
February 2 – Denise Lewis Patrick
February 3 – Noni Carter
February 4 – James Haskins
February 5 – NiNi Simone
February 6 – Keith Shepherd
February 7 – Nikki Giovanni
February 8 – Tracey Baptiste
February 9 – TL Clarke
February 10 – Atinuke
February 11 – Bryan Collier
February 12 – Earl Sewell
February 13 – Debbi Chocolate
February 14 – Lynda Jones
February 15 – Calvin Alexander Ramsey
February 16 – L. Divine
February 17 – Charlotte Riley Webb
February 18 – Bil Wright
February 19 – Pansie Hart Flood
February 20 – Traci Dant
February 21 – Nikki Carter
February 22 – Sharon Robinson
February 23 – Teresa Harris
February 24 – Sofia Quintero
February 25 – Malorie Blackman
February 26 – Alice Faye Duncan
February 27 – Elizabeth Zunon
February 28 – Margaree King Mitchell

6 thoughts on “Party for Five

  1. oh yay I always look forward to this. And will there be a surprise on day 29? Leap year babies finally get a birthday! 🙂

  2. Hi Kelly,
    I enjoyed viewing your website and learning more about you and the wonderful work you do and your willingness to educate people about our heritage. I am thankful that you have compiled a list of authors for us (Brown Bookshelf) to enjoy beginning this February. I know my seven year old will enjoy reading the books and learning more about her culture. You are truly an inspiring author. Keep up the wonderful work!


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