MAKING OUR OWN MARKET: Share your books

This week, we’ve shared books by three stand-out children’s book creators who have chosen to publish their own work, Zetta Elliott, Jerry Craft and Kathleen M. Wainwright. We know there are more great authors and illustrators our readers should check out. Please post your self-published titles, link and a one or two line summary in the comments. We can’t promise a future feature or review, but we hope showcasing your work here will get it on more people’s radars. Thank you for using your talent to create books for kids.

5 thoughts on “MAKING OUR OWN MARKET: Share your books

  1. Hello everyone,

    My name is Jacquitta A. McManus and I create fantasy adventure children books with a female protagonist of color.

    It was a dream that led to the idea of my first book Labyrinth’s Door – Anyia, Dream of a Warrior; a dream that would allow me to tell story I myself would have loved to have read growing up. A story full of characters that would go on exciting adventures in fantasy lands, where magic was real and anything could happen.

    My second book Talee and the Fallen Object is a great fantasy adventure book for elementary school-aged children. It will transport kids to another world through the description given by the protagonist, Talee.

    Please find out more information about my books on my Amazon page (

    Please also check out my illustrations on Pinterest (


    Jacquitta A. McManus

  2. Greetings!

    I am Aliona the author of a children’s picture book about Jamaica. Thanks to Kickstarter my book Justice pon di Road, after a two and a half year process, is now a book! Please check out our facebook page I hope my book will encourage a curiosity about the world for young readers. The book has awesome back matter which includes a glossary of patois terms used in the book, a list of Jamaican National Heroes & notable Jamaicans and other facts about the island. You read see book reviews on our Justice pon di Road board on Pinterest!

  3. Hello.My name is James Gordon, and I have written the Amazon Best Selling book titled “Hi, My Name is Bobo”(A Weekend in the Life of a 5th Grader). H.M.N.B is the a tale of an African American Youth experiencing w weekend in the city of Chicago with his family. The allure of Bobo, the character and story, is that the character is quite likable, while the story takes adults back in time and gives children a glimpse of growing up when things were simple.

    1. I am a black author of contemporary YA books and a member of the Chicago Black Authors Network (CBAN) I have three books, Pull (originally published by Westside Books and re-released by my own publishing company, AllTheColorsOfLove press after Westside Books ceased operations), Being God, published in 2013 and Minority Of One, published in 2014. Pull is the coming-of-age story of a young black male dealing with the aftermath of domestic violence that left his mother dead, his father in prison and him feeling guilt and the fear that his temper dooms him to follow in his father’s footsteps. Pull was put on the 2014 YALSA Quick Picks For Reluctant Young Adult Readers list.

      Being God follows a teen alcoholic and self-styled bad boy who has to learn that the world is not the problem, he is unless he finds a way to reconnect with his family and change.

      Minority of One tells two parallel stories,one involving a gay black teen and the other a straight white girl whose lives intersect in a way neither can imagine, granting them both the opportunity to find the future they really want. You can get more information from my website,, or at Goodreads –

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