Celebrating Our Voices: 28 Days Later Honorees

28dayslaterlogoWe are proud to announce the honorees for our 11th annual 28 Days Later campaign, a Black History Month celebration of outstanding children’s book creators. Each day during February, we will showcase an author or illustrator whose work reflects parts of who we are.

It’s more important than ever to raise awareness and support books by children’s book creators from around the African Diaspora. Each year, more books are published about us than by us. That has to change.  Our mission is to raise awareness of the many Black voices writing for young readers. Through our 28 Days Later campaign, we want to empower children, parents, educators, librarians and booksellers with names of authors and illustrators who are too often unsung.

Please spread the word and join us in saluting our honorees. The children’s book creator and the day they will be featured are as follows:

Feb. 1 – Useni Eugene Perkins (PB)

Feb. 2 – Kheryn Callender (MG)

Feb. 3 – Nic Stone (YA)

Feb. 4 – Katura Hudson (PB)

Feb. 5 – Ray Anthony Shepard (MG)

Feb. 6 – Baptiste Paul (PB)

Feb. 7 – Sandra Uwiringiyimana  (YA)

Feb. 8 – Doreen Spicer-Dannelly  (MG)

Feb. 9 – Vashti Harrison (Illustrator)

Feb. 10 – LL McKinney (YA)

Feb. 11 – Nansubuga Nagadya Isdahl  (PB)

Feb. 12 – Ebony Glenn (Illustrator)

Feb. 13 – Fracaswell Hyman (MG)

Feb. 14 – Tiffany D. Jackson (YA)

Feb. 15 – Keturah Bobo (Illustrator)

Feb. 16 – Marley Dias (MG)

Feb. 17 – Gordon James (Illustrator)

Feb. 18 – Carmen Bogan (PB)

Feb. 19 – Jay Coles (YA)

Feb. 20 – Liara Tamani (YA)

Feb. 21 Craig Robinson (MG)

Feb. 22 – Junot Díaz (PB)

Feb. 23 – Deloris Jordan (PB)

Feb. 24 – Patrice Lawrence (YA)

Feb. 25 – Tami Charles (MG)

Feb. 26 – Quvenzhané Wallis (PB)

Feb. 27 – Gilbert L. Robertson IV (MG)

Feb. 28 – Dhonielle Clayton, Brandy Colbert & Justina Ireland (State of YA Part I)

March 1 – Dhonielle Clayon, Brandy Colbert & Justina Ireland (State of YA Part II)

3 Responses to Celebrating Our Voices: 28 Days Later Honorees

  1. Janna says:

    Looking forward to hearing from these creators! A lot of these names are unknown to me, so it will be great to learn more about them.

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