Call And Response: A Black Lives Matter Q & A for Young People

Get ready for a powerful rally organized by Kwame Alexander, Jacqueline Woodson, Jason Reynolds and Toshi Reagon.
The Black Lives Matter protests and calls to action have enlightened, energized and empowered young people in this country. But, it has also left them wondering how they can assert themselves, find answers, do something during this moment of resistance and reclamation.
This forum is an opportunity to hear from young people their thoughts and feelings, to listen to their questions about where our community–our country–goes from here, and what their role is. Ten students from various parts of America will pose the questions, and ten Black artists and writers, educators and professionals, will offer answers. This is not a master class in activism. It is a workshop on freedom. A call from the ones who will walk the way of a new world. And a response from those of us responsible for helping them imagine it.
Register here – – and spread the word. For kids 7+ and their families.

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