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Dana DavidsonDana Davidson is the author of two novels for young adults, Jason and Kyra (Hyperion/Jump at the Sun 2004) and Played (Hyperion/Jump at the Sun 2005). Booklist calls Jason and Kyra a book that “teens won’t be able to stop reading….” About Played, School Library Journal says, “Davidson’s understanding of teen motivations and language is apparent….” For the third day of 28 Days Later, the Brown Bookshelf is pleased to present Dana Davidson! 

Dana Davidson, the Reluctant Writer

Many African-American Children’s Lit authors see Dana Davidson as a trailblazer. Her first novel, Jason and Kyra, was one of the first romance novels to feature middle-class African-American characters. However, Dana never aspired to be an author, at least not at first. 

Dana grew up a fan of romance novels, but as a kid, there weren’t many romance novels that portrayed African-Americans as the “hero.” Her desire to see successful, African-American characters in novels manifested itself in her first novel, Jason and Kyra.  

Wearing Two Hats (or How the Teacher Influences the Author)

PlayedIn addition to being an author, Dana is also a teacher, and was awarded the Newsweek/WDIV-TV Outstanding Teacher Award in 2001. However, when beginning a novel, she refuses to let her “teacher” side interfere with her writing process. It it’s until later, as she revises and reflects on a novel, that she allows herself to see her work through her teacher lens. 

Dana’s second novel, Played, takes a unique look at the influence of underground high school fraternities. While the idea of foolish and immature fraternity initiations played a part in crafting the novel, what Dana really wanted to show was the inherent beauty of her characters—and in a way, the inherent beauty of her students. She wanted to write a novel where the characters were forced to “see” each other.  

 Picking Favorites 

When asked to pick her favorite novel, Dana was hesitant to name one specific novel. “I like both of them equally,” she said. “I love the romanticism of Jason and Kyra. In Played, I like that Kyle and Ian become better young people.”
The Path to Publication
 Jason and Kyra
After writing a portion of Jason and Kyra, Dana went to a writing conference and met the editor of African American Famliy, a Michigan-based publication. The editor suggested that Dana look into representation from the Marie Brown Literary Agency. After speaking with the agency, Dana was quickly signed by Janell Walden Agyeman. 
Agyeman shopped the manuscript around to two houses. One passed because the novel wasn’t “edgy” enough—which is exactly why Hyperion/Jump at the Sun picked up the novel. Their vision was similar to Dana’s—to publish novels that portray a broader view of African-American culture.   
Advice for Aspiring Authors

Dana Davidson encourages anyone trying to write to first read a lot of books, then write a lot. She also encourages would-be authors not to be afraid to rewrite, and to constantly work toward completion of a writing goal. 

What’s Next?

Dana’s next novel will feature characters that fans are already familiar with—Greg Hoover (from Jason and Kyra) and Diana Love (from Played). Look for it sometime in 2009 or 2010.

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  1. Count me in as someone who views Dana as a trailblazer. Until Jason and Kyra in ’04 there were relatively no books where the focus of the story was the story and not the characters race. Without Jason and Kyra, I doubt books like mine would ever have gotten their day in the sun. Thank you, Dana!!

    1. You so need to make Jason and Kyra a series and continue there story. It was really interesting and it helped me with my relationship!!!

      1. Please Please Please make Jason and Kyra a series! I love the book so much, I’ve read it like 7 times since my freshman year in high school. (I am not a sophmore in college)….I LOVE THESE CHARACTERS! You’re great – God Bless. Thanks Dana!

  2. Hi Mrs. Davidson! I really love your books. I really would like to be in your movie if you make one for Jason and Kyra. I have been looking for your e-mail address everywhere. Will you please make a movie for your books, because I want to be in them so badly. PLEASE MAKE THE MOVIES FOR YOUR BOOKS!!!!!! Will you think about this for me and your fans, please? Thanks a whole lot for taking this time out to read this.

  3. I have read both of Dana Davidson books numerous of times, and she hit the target for high school students (seeing that i am in high school). And i also like the way Dana D. gave us credit in the both of her books like seeing the mistake and being able to mature. i also like how in PLAYED, she had a teacher that Ian could talk to like Mr. Hill, its hard to find adults in the schools like that now. Dana Davidson, i really look forward to reading your next novel, and you’re a very complex, articulate, author, who understands the problems us teens face now. i really love your style. and im sure that your students are proud and kucky to have you as a teacher. You’re a wonderful author and i can’t wait until your next book. (my friends can’t wait either…Columbia High School..Dekalb county).

    1. hi,mrs.dana davidson i am really enjoying
      your book jason and kyra its a geart book
      and keeps me interested through out the
      whole book,and never gets boring,and really im not the type to like reading books,but
      ever since i got jason and kyra im starting to like reading.i guess its jux that i need to
      find more books like this one that make mee interested.another book i really enjoyed was tyrell by coe booth

  4. Hello Mrs. Dana,
    I really enjoyed both your novels especially Jason & Kyra. Could you please
    follow up with a part 2 to Jason & Kyra, maybe their college years and if they really
    went all the way. I’m looking forward to your next book.

  5. Me and my friends have read your books and we have fell in love with each book.You leaves us wanting more and our little posse goes around telling other girls to read it. most of us don’t like to read, but you have captivated us entirely and now we have your books on our bookshelves. We wish you would write a sequel to Jason n Kyra. I mean they got back together and now we are wondering what happens the year following. We know the book was probably one of hose endings where we do it ourselves, but we want it done the right way by Dana Davidson,you.

  6. Hi, Dana. You may not remember me, but we met through Yolanda shortly after the release of Jason and Kyra. I’m so thrilled to see you’re still writing and have published yet another book, “Played.” A member of my church, who is also a teacher (preschool), is seeking to publish. She’s been offered a contract, and she’s seeking legal advice. Though I’m an attorney, this is not my area. I’m wondering if you’d be willing to recommend an attorney or another knowledgeable professional who may be able to review her contract for her. By the way, you may remember our discussion over our Thai food lunch about my then high school senior, Gary. Well, he remained at Liggett (against my better judgment) and graduated. The summer after his senior year, he fell in love. Then, a week before he was to leave for Morehouse, he eloped! Go figure! Now, almost two years later, he and his wife have an infant son; he’s four months old … and beautiful. Gary’s currently working and attending Wayne State full-time. His wife’s a homemaker. Hey, maybe this should be material for your next book! 🙂 Take care and continued success! Hope to hear from you, soon.

  7. Dear Mrs. Davidson my name is Jessica and I’m a junior. I really love your books and you became my favorite author. I couldn’t stop reading your books because it deals with alot teenagers and their love life. Your books are so romantic, not to many authors don’t write about black teen romance books. And you use alot slang that teens can related to. My friend her name is Javon, she show me the first book called Jason & Kyra I read it and enjoyed every page of it. Then I heard about your lastest book called Played I love the dating part. If I have to choose which book is the best. I would have to pick both of them because they are so good. I can’t wait for the next books to hit the shelves. I know it will be the best books because you are the best author.

    Thank You,

    From Jessica

  8. hi i have to say when my cousin first gave me your book to read i thought it was going to be stupid but then when i finally read i was amazed at how good this book was. i have to say that after i read it i went out and bought your other book Played. you are one of my favorite authors. I liked the way you Kyra and Kylie not your average popular girls. i just want to say thank you for making a book so wonderful and intresting. I cant wait for your next book to come out i hope it comes out very soon.

  9. WOW. i just finished your novel PLAYED. and i absolutely LOVED it…i was just looking for a good summer reading when i came across your book. Considering i just got out of a relationship with a complete player…your book made me cry. but i loved how it touched me like that. i read your book in about five hours because i just couldn’t stop reading it! I am for sure going to get Jason and Kyra next time i hit the book store! (= thanks!

  10. I thought that both books were very good and they were definite page turners. Ever since I read her books, she has become one of my favorite authors. I look forward to reading her upcoming books in the near future.

  11. I love Jason and Kyra, and your other book Played. I think that you should have another book realtioning to relationships like that because they are very inspiring and they help young girls out their with promblems like their’s. I really LOVE your books and oi think you should have a series so i can buy all of it. I am a true fan after reading Jason and Kyra, and Played. Thanks !… (looking forward to readoing another 1 of your books.)

  12. Dear Dana Davidson,

    I HOPE and PRAY TO GOD that you make a sequel to Jason and Kyra. Jason and Kyra was and still is my favorite book of all time. I have read that book so many times that i have lost track!…LOL:) That book was such an amazing story and i think that everyone can relate to some part of the book in a way. There were things that were left untouched at the end of the book. The most untouched part in the book was if Jason and Kyra went all the way and i think alot of readers are/were dying to know if they actually had sex. That is where a sequel can come in. It would be SOOOO amazing if you made another Jason and Kyra book and follow up on them maybe through college and their relationship.

    I really love your style of writing and thank you for giving me another reason to love reading.:):):)

  13. I love this book so much it really got to me. I write and read alot but never a nerd lolz!! And I hated and loved how the ending to played was i needed more I read it four times in two days. I love her writting and wish there were movies to them but they would never be as good as the books.

  14. I really enjoyed reading Played, it was amaizng. It is one of my favorite books. I was wondering if you were planning on making a second book that starts form the ending. I really want to know how things ended up, and that just left me hanging. But I think you should make sequel to Played. That’d be fabulous. Thank you for your time

  15. I really enjoyed both books. I really loved Jason & kyra when I first order the book and took it home I could not stop reading it and I also order played as well. I want to find out if Jason & Kyra will still be together and if Ian and kylie will go back is being a pair in school. I am wondering if you would make any sequels to both Jason & Kyra and to Played. It would be really cool if you did. Also I’am looking forward to reading the next novel. I am a really big fan. Thanks for all your hard work in making these two wonderful books.

    Thank You very much and god bless you and your hard work,


  16. HI! I am a huge fan of yours. I’ve read Jason and Kyra a billion times and never get tired from it. I’ve even turned my best friend into a Jason and Kyra lover as well. I also read Played, not as much as Jason and Kyra, but i love it equally. I’m excited to find out that you have a new book about to come out. I am so going to get it.

    Reading your novels inspired me to write more and more. Every time i read Jason and Kyra helps me to write more. I’m only 16, but it has inspired me to write three books that are in the process of being completed. You’re an inspiration to me. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Hopefully in the future you’d be writing reviews about my books one day.

    Thank you! -Chelsea

  17. Dear Mrs. Davison
    Hi my name is india davis and im a really big fan of your books.the one that i read so far was Jason & Kyra im going to have to read the other one you wote calling played. I cant wait in till you write more books. your books inispire me to read more every day when i started reading your books i though it was going to be boring but it wasnt at all. the book called Jason & Kyra i couldnt stop reading it because i always wanted to know what is going to happen next my mother will tell me india please put the book down and takke a break but i could ha ha funny huh. well i got to go hope you wirte more books because im waiting for them oh bye the way im going to buy them as well.
    bye Mrs.davison thank you for inipiring me to read more.

  18. Mrs. Davidson
    I love your books. Right now i am reading your first book of Jason and Kyra, I just started and i’m almost done. So you can say i am a fan of your books Mrs. Davidson. So yes i will be reading more of your books.

  19. HI MS.Davidson!!!!! I really liked Jason and Kyra when you
    read it to our class!!!! I hope to read the whole book!!!! You are an awsome
    teacher Ms.Davidson!!!

    Give it up for my Eng. teacher Ms.Davidson!!!!!! One of the best teachers!!!

  20. Hi mrs.Davidson I love your book played it explains the problems that we as teenangers go through you not only understand how we feel but how we think about ourselves.I read books to entertain myself and your book sure did. I thought that you book was an understanding way of life. Thanks for taking time out of your day to write such a great book. I hope to read another one of your great stories. In the book played i could never put it down it created so much suspnse. Thank you so much.

  21. Hi Mrs. Davidson. My name is Ram Mannh and I reside in Dallas, Texas. I am currently a sophmore in high school. Your novels are amazing! You are truly an inspiration to all young African American females. Before I read Jason & Kyra,I was going through a hard time. I’d recently moved to a new school, and force to resettle there. I felt depressed I had not made any friends yet and life at home was just as hard. While reading Jason & Kyra, I started to feel as if a belonged. As if I was one of the characters in the book. I found happiness by laying on my bed and reading Jason & Kyra. I found myself in eah and every character. Played was just as good of a book. These characters are real people and we all can relate to them. You’re such a great person. My goal for the future is to become an author, using African American characters. I read an interview where you stated that inspiring authors read more, write more, and finish what they start. I felt that those words were truly sent for me. I also read that you teach high school english in Detroit. Abouta year or two ago I tried to convince my parents to move there, so I could be a student in your class. Your students are blessed to have you as their teacher, and I am blessed to be able to read your novels. I can’t wait till the next one comes out.
    Thank You
    -Ram Mannah

  22. i love her books when is she going to write a second part to played it a lot of question that need to answer. like did they get back together? do her mother shes not a virgin no more? please keep me up dated!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. i LOVED jason & kyra i read it one summer and I couldnt stop reading! After I finished it in 2 days I went on search for more by Dana and I found played, Again I was glued!!!!!!!!! [: I love Dana’s books, and CANNOT wait for the next one!

    Black is Beautiful <3

  24. i love your book Played i would love for u to be a speaker at our school we need more speakers like you!i cant wait 4 the next part of the book played hope u write it soon!

  25. WE TOTALLY LOVE JASON AND KYRA!!! My sister Jasmine read the book when she was in eighth grade in 2004. She told me about it then, but I thought it was just another sappy sex story; BIG MISTAKE. Like Kyra, I should not have made assumptions about anything I don’t know about. I finally had time to read your book over winter break and I was sooooo caught up to the point where I forgot it was just a story! My sister and I agree that more guys should be like Jason. I imagined that they were so real; now I wish you could make a movie of Jason & Kyra. The inspiration and the realization of the book have all the other teenagers reading it at our church. We now have a book club and discuss favorite parts of the book. We have not yet read “Played,” but we are looking forward into doing so. We just want to encourage you to keep publishing these books and let you know that we are excited about your new one coming in out. You have officially become our favorite author of the teenage era.

    LUV YA MUCH!!!! ; )

  26. I really loved Jason& Kyra. I was wondering if there will be a part 2 to the book. I really think you should write a part 2 to that book. At the end of the book it left me hanging and wanting more. It leaves people with questions like”Did they go all the way?”or”Are they still together?”. I would really LOVE it if there was a part 2.
    Thank you for taking your time to read this,that is if you read these comments.:)

  27. Dear Dana Davidson,I am one of your many “number one” fans. My name is Amber Rodgers and I am a senior in highschool. I stumbled across your first book “Jason and Kyra” at my local library and seeing the two African American teenagers on the cover appealed to me. I am not a big reader and you will rarely ever catch my nose buried in a book. But, once I checked out your book I couldnt help but be buried in the book and constantly turning the pages trying to find out what was going to happen between Jason and Kyra. I love the book so much that I urged by highschool (practically an all- white school) to “bless” their shelves with “Jason and Kyra” by ordering it. I finally bought the book for my own personal pleasure (while paying a hefty late fee for reading it over 5 times!) and I enjoy reading it whenever I get an open hour or two. I just bought “Played” ( I purchased it last night ) and I finished reading it at 1 am this morning! Thank You! Thank You! Thank you for your wonderful books! Please keep writing more and more!!!
    Signed your TRUE #1 fan,Amber 🙂


  28. I’ve read both Jason& Kyra and Played. It would be REALLY cool if those two books BOTH had part twos. I was so……. addicted that i finished Jason& Kyra at one o’clock in the morning, same for played. I Hope you do write part twos for both books.
    I can’t wait for your next books to come out(hope that’s SOON) and part twos for both Jason& Kyra and Played.

  29. I really enjoyed both your books…I’ve read jason and Kyra like 7 times …Please inform your readers about when your new book about greg Hoover and Diana Love will hit the bookshelf..I can’t wait. Pleeeaaase write a sequel to Played i really wanted to know what happened between Ian and Kylie..:)

  30. I really love your books. My friend let me borrow both of them to read, and soon after I bought them for myself! lol I really love the way that you wrote your books. It felt I was reading pages of my own life. I can’t wait for your third book, and I hope that you will write follow ups on the first two. I think that you should also make your books into movies. If you do, I’ll probably run out and buy those, too.!

  31. I read your book Jason and Kyra and i absolutly fell in love with it. lol I mean i was so sad that it was over. Please write more ill be one of the first to buy! lol!

  32. i love the book played. i just recently finished the book and it was amazing! but i really want to know what terrance would do about them getting back together(if they do). i also want to know what they say on their telephon convo. i hope you write a sequel to that one because it left with a lot of questions even though there really werent any to ask. i can’t wait to read jason and kyra1 you’re an awesome author.

  33. hello dana
    i love both of ur books u should
    make more just like them.i love
    how the books relate to me i [really]
    do i was mad when they were over.u should
    make a played 2 n a jason n kyra 2 because
    i could’t stop readin.i mean oo.my god
    u really are a awesome author really.
    i hope u really do make more books
    just like the ones u made.i love them
    soo much u make teens want to read .

  34. I love Jason and kyra one of the best books ive ever read. I can’t thank you enough for writing books for our age group. You put so much emotion and love in your books. I can’t wait to read played and hope you will write another one soon!

  35. hey i just finish your book Jason and Kyra i LOVE IT i wish and pray that you will make it too a movie, because i really love that book and i could vision everything i read so i would like to say THANK YOU FOR USING YOU TALENT TO MAKE SUCH GOOD BOOK AS JASON AND KYRA and i hope and pray that it will be a movie someday!!

    love brianna

  36. wow. i dont even read much and i was impressed by the two books. they keep you wanting more please come out with new books soon girl

    do you have an email?

  37. I love your novel played and I enjoyed reading that book to the point where I think that it should be a movie. The way that you expressed everything
    that Kylie was feeing somehow connected with me in a diffrent way,like the way that you decribed how she was portrayed as nobody but yet is amazing in so many ways.If You every have a casting call for this novel please look me up.

  38. Hey Mrs. Davidson, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading both of your wonderful books Played and Jason & Kyra. I was hoping that there will be a sequence to both books, I mean you have me wondering about what might happen to Jason and Kyra and did Ian & Kylie make it all the way, I really love your work so much. I hope you decide to make a sequence to both books!

  39. Hello,
    Hello Mrs. Davidson. I just wanted to let you know that I loved both of your books Jason and Kyra and Played. I didn’t know if you were making sequels to both of them or not but I am praying that you do. Both of those books are such good books and I just want to let you know that you did a really great job and please don’t stop writing and remember that I will be waiting for your next books that are possily sequels!!!
    God Bless,
    Biggest Fan

  40. i would just like to say that your books are awesome i have read all of them but i think the best one was jason and kyra. can you please make a part 2 to the book!!!

  41. Your book played is awesome !! i mean i hate reading but when i picked this book up and started reading it in school i lovedd it and i get in trouble because i wouldnt pay attention in class ….. i want to get your other book (jason & kyra) …. you should make more books !!

  42. I love both of the books but I really like Jason & Kyra. It was a very romantic book and I like that fact that she connected both of the books. I can’t wait for more books like this because teens like me can relate to it. I love romance book about teenagers

  43. Hiii omqqqqqq I lovee playedd omqqqqq ..I wish they were reall .. Can u plaese make a sequal 2 played I reallyy wanna noe wah happens .. Ur writtinq is great im a person who don’t like 2 read but wen I read ur book I could not stop Id get n trouble n class for readiinq a book insted of doin work but I reallly love your bookk ..p.s best writter dana davidson ….pleasee make played # 2. Thankz !! Ur d bestt

  44. i loved the jason and kyra and i had hoped you could have made it a series. i have yet to read played but i will probably get it fro my birthday. i know i will love it.

  45. Dear Ms. Dana Davidson,
    I love your book Jason & Kyra its so amazing i should have read this book sooner and by the way im a big fan.

    Kernecia Brown



  47. I Just Recently Finished Reading Played That Book Was Awesome. It Really Needs A Part 2 Becuase This Book Leff Me With Alot Of Questions. Now Im Goinqq To The Libary To Get Jason & Kyra….. Well Mrs.Dana I Jus Wanted To Tell Yhu Im A Bigg Fann Of Yurs

  48. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!!!! i sooo wish you would write another book for teens. it would really be wonderful if you wrote a part 2 to played i really want to know what happen after she called Ian in the last chapter. and JASOn && Kyra is tha best book ever i read it about 6 times now and will probably never get old od it!!!! please write more!!!!

  49. Mrs. Dana you are an amazing writer and I know i’ve written to you many times before, but i absolutly love you!!! This is the third time i’ve read the both of them and really really really hope you continue, even if its not a sequal! You’ve got such an inspiring talent, someday…actually already, i write my own books and hope to publish them. You, Sharon M. Draper, and my English teacher Mrs. Winter will be in the acknowledgements for SURE! Your books always make me happy, even when i am down and i’ve had the roughest year of my LIFE! And i’m only a sophomore! Between dealing with relationships, freindships, and lost loved ones, girl your books took me through everything! Enjoy your time with your son and daughter, and husband… but please please please (as you’ve heard many times,) write MORE!!! We love you Dana!!!

  50. Hello Mrs. Davidson, I love both of your books. Its funny, I remember when Jason & Kyra came out in 2004 and you had a book signing at the B&N in the Wayne State Campus…I was there an hour earlier just to get my booked signed by my 9th AP english teacher turned great author.I would love for you to come out with another part to both of the books, so your readers can see how they progressed over time.
    Hope All Is Well!!! You were inspirating teacher.

  51. I loved both of your books..and literally started to cry when i found out there wasnt a series..these books are awesome..i felt like kylie..Played..and Jason and Kyra Was even better..! Keep writing your’e the best writer i’ve found so far! i love your books..keep up the good work..

  52. These are the best two books i have ever read. I could really relate to Jason & Kyra. I am so looking forward to your next book.

  53. I love jason & kyra so much…. That story changed the way i look at my realtionships and stop listening to what other people say.. Jason & kyra has infulenced me to not let go of my writing ablities and this year 2010 i have started writing a book called The Truth Be Told.. You should write a series for jason & kyra….

  54. my name is jaylen and…i’ve been having a few problems in my relationship and unlike most guys…lol…i read alot…but not just books but even the paper…it’s weird becuz im a big LT in football(Left Tackle)…but i read played n that was really good becuz me n my girl were both insecure when we met lol…but when i met her in the 10th grade i was definitly feeling like he felt when ian first went over to her house a figured out that he wanted to kiss her,,,thats how i was cuz i had been havin sex since 8th grade but didnt know what it would be like to have a real (bae) u know…..but ur book is very inspiring

  55. do any of you know when her next book is coming out. she said somewhere around 2009-2010 but its already 2010 and we haven’t heard nothing.

  56. when is the next book from Dana Davidson. I would like to know the date it says late 2010 but what date and month.

  57. I Think you should write another book like Jason and Kyra- Played is too young for me- I like teens in Sophmore and above-I love your writings.

  58. Dear Mrs. Davidson,
    I’ve read both of your books, Played and Jason & Kyra, which are really great. I was hoping to find more of your books located at my local library, but I was flabberated to see you hadn’t written any more books. I hope someday before I graduate, in four years, from high school you publish a few more books. You have great talent! Honestly I dont read a lot of books, but after reading ‘Jason & Kyra,” I got hooked on it and wanted to read your other book “Played”. Greatfully I hope you do write another book.

  59. The book PLAYED was a very good book i loved it man it was alwsome i dont know any other arthur who can write a story so interesting as u did this book should if sold millions it was that good now im reading JASON AND KYRA i wanna see if it will be as good as PLAYED or even better.

  60. Dear Dana Daivdson,

    I’ve just finished reading your book “Played” and I’ve abosultey feel inlove with the book. I’m 17 years old and Ian reminds me a lot like myself. It really made me think about me and my behavior towards females who should be treated like princesses. And it made me appreciate love & passion it really did. Thank you for writing this novel because it really made reflect myself. And I’m asking if you could PLEASE write a sequel to “Played” I really enjoyed it I stayed up all night reading your novel. So I’m asking you Ms.Davidson please write a sequel novel for fans like me & for GOD. I really hope you take this into consideration.

    – Terrance

  61. Hey Dana You are so amazing i love you’re books Im so addicted to them in i cant stop reading them please make more…I wish that you could make a movie about both of these novels that would be so Awesome

  62. Mrs. Dana you are an amazing writer I could re-read your books a million time. I think you should make a sequal to the book Played. If you could I would really apreciate it. Thank you

  63. As a former Cass Tech student during the late ’80s, I enjoyed Jason and Kyra immensely. In my adulthood, I’ve sought culturally relevant books where I can see myself and my background represented, since there weren’t any during my childhood. You captured so many nuances that took me back to my youth, and I simply could not put this book down!
    Thank you for writing such an authentic representation of middle class Detroit, it is a perspective that is sorely needed.

    I am very much interested in adding high achieving urban adolescents to my research agenda and would
    greatly appreciate your perspective.

  64. I have only read PlAYED by Dana Davidson its so good i read it more than TWICE i love the book so much that i first SUGGESTED a movie i WOULD really LOVE for that to HAPPEND i cant stop thinkin about the end of the book because it ends and i want it to continue if not a movie a PLAYED 2 would be nice i dont want to ask for too much i JUST want it to happen thats awhl i began reading this book my freshman year in high school til then i been reading it ever since i am now in the 11th i been waiting too see whats next im just HOPIN And PRAYING too GOD i get too SEE this Book become a MOVIE i really love this book i would love the movie >!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Please write another book like Played and jason & Kyra, they where both amazing!!! I littarely just finished reading played by the way I the ending…. You are a faboulous writer you are actually my favorite!!! Please email me back to tell me if you will write another book like ur first…I am curaintaly writing a book called “That’s just me” and I would absolutly love it if you gave me some advice about writing… Thank you so much

  66. Hi, Mis Davidson your books are really interesting. You should write more books because I love reading your novels “Played” is an excellent book. Your books really emphasize todays tenage problems… You have became one of my favorite authors.. Please write more, once again your books are great.

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    A lot of authors who write books for teens hold back on the truth
    and censor a lot of honest content but you didn’t. I thank you for that and your
    brilliance as a writer. Played is a book filled with realness, love and
    lessons all combined. I passed this book around to all my friends and we all
    agreed that this is a wonderful book.

    Mrs. Dana Davidson we appreciate your gift as a writer and we can’t wait
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    LaKisha LaNae

    P.S. What happened to Kylie and Ian? Did they later get married, have kids or
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    P.S.S. Your book is so good it should be a movie on BET! It has all the makings
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