Day 21: Nikki Carter

If you haven’t heard of Nikki Carter, this is your lucky day! With novels ranging from adult fiction to young adult drama, she’s proven her writing skills are top notch and we are thrilled to spotlight her during our 28 Days Program.

Becoming Nikki Carter: The Journey

When I started my writing journey, Nikki Carter wasn’t even a twinkle in my eye. I mean, I write serious adult fiction with real-life drama, spiritual lessons and faith. Well, that’s what Tiffany L. Warren writes. Are you confused yet? Ha!

Nikki Carter is my pen name, my alter-ego, my Sascha Fierce, the fun teenagery person that still lives inside of me. See, teenagers totally make up their own words. When I write as Nikki, not only do I make up words, but I create drama-filled almost steamy capers with plenty of teen angst.

Honestly, I never intended to pursue writing young adult fiction. I was between adult book deals, and my agent thought it would be a good idea to expand my brand and reach out to write in other genres. When I sat down to write my first young adult novel, I traveled back in time to my middle school years. It started off as the diary of a sarcastic, nerdy, skinny teenage girl, and ended up being my very first teen novel Step to This.

Who or What Inspires You?

I love authors who push the envelope and come up with original takes on classic tales. When I was a teen I read Madeline L’Engle, Judy Blume, Octavia E. Butler, Stephen King and all one million of the Sweet Valley High books. Now, my teen daughters and I love Paula Chase, Stephanie Perry Moore, ReShonda Tate Billingsley and Stephanie Meyer. Since I am a mother of five (holy smokes) I love teen authors who can bring the drama plus a lesson at the same time!

The Back Story

I’ve been with Kensington Publishing since 2009, and they have been really great with thinking ahead of the curve! My latest book deal is a continuation of the Fab Life series, where the main character starts college life. I thought it would be fun to do a tie in with the So For Real series and have the heroine from that series, Gia, meet up as a college roommate to the heroine of the Fab Life series, Sunday. We ended the So For Real series somewhat abruptly, and left the readers without a senior year for Sunday, Hope, Ricky and Gia. I appreciate that Kensington is allowing me to give the readers of that series some closure while introducing them to my new characters! That’s the exciting thing about the industry. Some ideas work, some don’t, and you always have to be willing to roll with the punches if you want any longevity.

The Buzz

Here are some reviews and quotes about my work!

Harriet Klausner on COOL LIKE THAT

“This is an engaging young adult romance starring a teen drama queen and the two hunks in her life.”

Booklist on COOL LIKE THAT

“…so much fun.”

Romantic Times on DOING MY OWN THING

“Ooo-wee does this novel have plenty of reality show-type drama…Edgy, but fun. Readers will look forward to the next installment of Sunday’s life on campus.” 

APOOO BookClub

It Is What It Is by Nikki Carter is a fun, hip read with tons of laugh-out-loud moments.”

Kirkus on IT’S ALL GOOD

“Carter portrays a rounded picture of African-American teen life anchored by school, church and  family.”

Urban Reviews

“Step To This is a fun, fast read by Nikki Carter.”


“…this series is poised to “blow up”…”


“Juicy drama with constant twists, turns and bons mots and plenty of room for additional episodes.”

Booklist on STEP TO THIS

“…the story is told with energy and humor and will appeal to those seeking a softer side to urban fiction.”

ReShonda Tate Billingsley, author of The Good Girlz series

“Nikki Carter is a fresh, new voice in teen fiction! Step to This has it all –drama, humor, and a lesson that everyone can learn from. Full of fun-loving, unforgettable characters that readers will love, Nikki has written a page-turner that will leave the reader wanting more!” 

Monica McKayhan, Essence bestselling author of Indigo Summer

Step to This is hot, it’s new, it’s now…with characters that leap from the pages, it’s absolutely a must-read.”

Chandra Sparks Taylor, author of Spin It Like That and The Pledge

“Nikki Carter steps up and delivers a home run with her debut novel, Step to This. It’s a real winner.”

Victoria Christopher Murray, National bestselling author of the Divine Divas series

Step to This is a wonderful, witty tale that is full of laugh-out-loud moments and great lessons.”

Ni-Ni Simone, author of A Girl Like Me

“Filled with smart and witty characters, Step to This is a fun, fast-paced read teens will love.”

Shelley Adina, author of the All About Us series

“Fun, honest, and so for real … I loved Gia and cheered for her as she struggled to find where she fits with friends, family, and  faith. Debut author Nikki Carter is now on my must-read list!” 

Melody Carlson, author of The Carter House Girls, Diary of a Teenage Girl, TrueColors and The Secret Life of Samantha McGregor series  

“Gia Stokes might be a Hi-Stepper, but this teen role model has both feet on the ground as she meets life’s challenges with style and grace. Kudos to Nikki Carter for a great start in this  fun and relevant teen series!”

Thank you, Nikki!


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