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Even though most authors fall more along the lines of padding into the office to write with flannel PJ’s or sweat pants and bed head – writer, Tia Williams is all about glam and fab. As a former Beauty Director at Teen People and writer on fashion and beauty at some of the most popualr lifestyle magazines (Elle, Glamour and Lucky to name a few), Tia Williams has had the type of writing jobs that it seems many movies base the entire profession on.

In 2005 she left the magazine world to become a full-time author and out of that came her YA series It Chicks.

Because the world is so caught up in labels, It Chicks is often tagged as a Gossip Girl type book. I imagine because the characters are urban and hip. But in truth, the book has its own contemporary teen lit style with multi-culti characters to boot. Take that Gossip Girl!

True, the voice is authentically urban, no surprise from an author who has worked in the beauty industry in New York City, itself a hub of fashion and entertainment. But outside of the It Chicks taking place in New York City, it’s in its own literary lane.

I’ve often wondered if there aren’t more books like It Chicks out there simply because some actually believe if fiction depicts African American life anyway except hard scrabble urban or historical inspiration, the world will spin off its axis.

But those folks haven’t picked up It Chicks – no doubt judging it by its cover. How scandalous those young legs in a mini-skirt must be to someone refusing to peek inside the book’s cover.

In fact, It Chicks and its sequel, Sixteen Candles, are exactly the type of books that authors must continue to offer. Not because of the lesson nuggets within (yes, because most books do teach us a little bit of something, whether they mean to or not). Not for any symbolic reasons at all, but because it’s a fun teen story that young readers will find entertaining.

But don’t take my word for it…

The Buzz on It Chicks

The Brown Bookshelf Review

“IT CHICKS has the characters of GOSSIP GIRL and the setting of the movie Step Up…another summer must-read.” —TeensReadToo.com

“IT CHICKS packs plenty of plot: There are closeted gay characters, a diva who is secretly super-insecure—and even a mystery surrounding Tangie’s mom’s disappearance. [It’s like] a soap opera saga!”

9 thoughts on “Tia Williams

  1. I’m really glad to read there are straight/gay characters as well. These books sound like they’ve got everything. Talk about the world spinning off its axis…

  2. I’m going to check this one out.

    If you’re interested in the Christian version of It Chicks, check out the Divine Divas series by Victoria Christopher Murray or the teen series by ReShonda Tate Billingsley or pretty much everything by Stephanie Perry Moore (except her recent adult title).

    All depict African-American teenagers who are hip but not necessarily street, who come from a variety of socio-economic classes and neighborhoods, and who present a realistic picture of what it looks like to be an AA teen today.

  3. I love It Chicks. Its filled with drama and very funny. And though its a lot of fun to read the characters still have substance. I wish this series was more well known.

  4. I want to know if there will be or is another book to the series after “sixteen candles”. An if so when will it be out?

    The book it chicks “sixteen candles” is good.

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