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Little Red Riding Hood coverListen, I have a signed copy of Little Red Riding Hood, by Jerry Pinkney. Got my copy this weekend while attending the Texas Book Festival.

Now, let me establish something at the get-go: I like comments. If ya’ll aren’t talking to me, I’m going to assume you either don’t like me, or…well, that you don’t like me. So to get the comments rolling, I’m going to offer a signed copy of Little Red Riding Hood to a commenter on this blog*. Comment today, or within the next week.

You don’t have to respond to my posts only, though I won’t be mad at cha if you do. Comment on any post — mine, Varian, Paula, Carla or Kelly’s, and on next Monday (November 12), I’ll go through all the comments, write down the names, put them in a hat, and let my son draw one. I’ll post the winner here, that person can send me their mailing address, and I’ll send them Jerry’s book, and one of mine, too.

Now, I know The Brown Bookshelf is about highlighting authors and illustrators of color, who’ve “gone under the radar,” which Jerry surly hasn’t. But com’mon!— it’s a signed copy of a Jerry Pinkney title!

*Giveaway pertains to comments on this blog only, not the 28 Days submissions, however, please keep submitting. Contest closes Sunday, November 11,  midnight.

17 thoughts on “Talk to us, giveaway

  1. Hi Don and everyone,

    I check out this site on the regular and even though I have already mentioned this before, I think this is a wonderful idea. After reading Paula’s comment on Verla, you know I had to pop in to drop my name into the hat. (Make sure to keep mine at the top.-lol).

    Good luck and I’ll keep spreading the word and The Brown Bookshelf.


  2. Hello!

    I read about the giveaway on the AACBWI yahoo group message board, but I have bookmarked this site because it looks quite interesting! Thanks for the information and have a wonderful day!!!!

  3. I’ve blogged at both my sites about this welcome new resource. And added you guys to my blogroll & bloglines account. A definate “must read”!

  4. I just wrote about your new venture on my blog. So excited to have this resource in our online kidlit community.

    I did have one question. Is your focus on writers and illustrators of color, or also on books featuring children of color? (Yes, I can imagine that there is great overlap, but still.)

  5. MotherReader,

    I know Don responded on your blog, but I thought I’d respond here as well as I’m sure others may be curious to the answer.

    For our first time out, the 28 Days later campaign is author-focused. However, four illustrators chosen by The Brown Bookshelf members will also be spotlighted in February. For now, we’d like to see how well this first year goes and then expand from there.

    I think the many responses we’re getting with book submissions is the first step in proving there’s a real need for this. As we go along we’re recognizing the need to focus on illustrators and books about children of color. But for now, it’s about that first step – the authors of color. We’re excited about where we can go in the future to help increase awareness in the other areas.

    Brown Bookshelf Member

  6. Interesting books and authors. I would like to see more books about children and all nationalities solving problems, working or playing together. 🙂

  7. Hello
    I know the free book is over but my comment is about your site I am so happy to find a site that I can find books for my grand kids and have a review since I do not know many children authors please keep this site available I found out about this from Rawsistez Affair going on now.

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