First Call For Submissions

In order for us to present the best voices of color in children’s literature we need you, the readers, librarians, parents of young readers, teachers and booksellers to tell us – who are the voices who have gotten lost in the shuffle, what works of veteran children’s authors of color have gone unnoticed, and what African American authors are writing today’s finest children’s and young adult literature.

 Each time you see a Call for Submissions post, you may post authors and/or their book titles in the comment section.

No need to tell us why you’re submitting them (unless you want to).  This isn’t an awards contest, it’s your chance to get your favorite authors in front of those people most influential in kiddie lit – other librarians, teachers and parents.

After every submissions call, we’ll add the names/titles to our list and during the months of December and January we, here at The Brown Bookshelf, will do our homework and decide who to shine the spotlight on in February during the 28 Days Later campaign.

Names can also be submitted here.

Submissions will be accepted through December 1st.

Help us find the 28 most under-rated children’s authors of color and play a part in making literacy a significant part of Black History Month.

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