Speak Up…Who’s Your Favorite?

I’m used to my own blog being quiet.  People lurk and like it that way. I never give them a hard time about it.

But Don and I have always wished the comments here at the BBS reflected the number of folks actually visiting.  Still, I don’t want to scare anyone away by making them feel they need to comment.  But I would like you to speak up to Essence Book Editor, Patrik Henry Bass: patrikspicks at esssence dot com.

In the latest issue of Essence, he’s reviewed two children’s books –We Are The Ship by Kadir Nelson and Hotlanta, the new YA series by Denene Millner and Mitzi Miller.  This is a great start, as Essence doesn’t review children’s lit with any regularity.

Now, it just so happens that We Are The Ship and Hotlanta are already hot literary commodities.  So as excited as I am to see them given some shine, I’m more excited that Mr. Bass has asked readers to submit, to him, their favorite African American children’s book titles.

Here’s your chance to let the book editor of an African American lifestyle media mainstay know what you – librarians, teachers, parents and other influencers – are reading or recommending to young readers of color.

The number of children’s titles by authors of color was down in 2007. But that doesn’t mean we can’t pay homage to the authors who wrote some great literature for young readers by making Essence and Mr. Bass aware of them.

What I’m saying is – you don’t have to out yourself in the comments below, but drop Essence a line and let them know what your favorite African American children’s book is – be it one of our jewels (the vets) or hidden gems (newbies and midlisters).

Speak up for your fave.

4 thoughts on “Speak Up…Who’s Your Favorite?

  1. You know, no matter how much recognition Kadir receives, I ain’t mad at him. I applaud him each and every time he receives another award, or is featured in the media. He really is the best at what he does, he deserves it. I hope he remains on top for years to come. I like his work that much.

    Comments? No comment.

  2. Great post, P,

    I’m happy that Essence is devoting space to celebrating children’s books. This is a great time to let Patrik know about some wonderful under-the-radar authors and illustrators. Let’s salute Kadir and other African-American kidlit trailblazers and up-and-comers too. I hope Essence will make children’s books a regular part of their literary coverage.

  3. “I Love You So Much, Goodnight. by Tyline M. Hood” is an inspiring bedtime story for children. The book encourages children to dream big and follow their heart. Parents across the globe can appreciate the creative way the African- American author depicts love and shares encouraging words for children to enjoy before bedtime.

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