NEWS: Meet The Brown Bookshelf

We’re mid-way through our 2009 campaign and hope you’ve enjoyed this year’s interviews, so far. The last half of the month will be just as informative and fun.

Normally, we here at The Brown Bookshelf tend to take a “vacation” of sorts once 28 Days Later ends. As much as I wish it were a real one that involved lying on the beach, we simply tend to take a small break from blogging.

But not this year. Every day, during the first week of March, we’ll give visitors a “behind-the-scenes” peek with Meet The Brown Bookshelf profiles.

If you comment on any posts that week, you’ll be eligible to receive one of our books.

So stick around once the 28 Days Later profiles are done, because there’s nothing wrong with the chance to win more free books.

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