Meet The BBS: Carla Sarratt

Carla Sarratt
Vital Statistics
Quality Assurance Supervisor /YA Author

Freshman Focus

Just Be

Three Words That Describe Her
Ambitious.  Procrastinator.  Daydreamer.


Her Writing Style
I still have not shed my teacher persona so that comes out in my writing.  I want to still be able to teach through my writing yet not have it feel like 300 pages of homework.  Plus I have a huge desire to make readers laugh as they read.  I believe my stories should be enjoyable as well as educational.

Brown Bookshelf Role
Codename: Cleaner. As with many initiatives, The Brown Bookshelf requires a great deal of logistical manuevering. So it’s essential to have someone there who doesn’t mind handling the detail work. Carla keeps the wheels of production unclogged by being there to manage, assist and jumpstart everything from additional research to writing copy.

What You Don’t Know About Carla…

I am a big time Internet junkie.  I spend a lot of time just surfing the net.  I am always amazed at the vast amount of information available with just a tap on my laptop’s sensor.

I love technology and gadgets.  I recently purchased a Blackberry and my word, that thing is fun. 

I love the video game Tetris.  I play it a lot and it gives me a chance to zone out and sometimes think about my own issues, story lines, and try to put it all in place.

I cried writing chapter 11 of Freshman Focus.  Writing that chapter was very cathartic for me and allowed me to relive my father’s death through Lamar’s eyes.  I’ve had several people who read Freshman Focus tell me that they can relate so well to Lamar and that his story line helped them.  That is one of my greatest joys as an author to know that I connected with my readers.

I am determined to transition from being a self-published author to being an author with a literary agent, publishing house, and an editor.  I’ve learned a lot about being an author through my own journey being self-published as well as through my friendships with traditionally published authors.

I’m amazed at how things in everyday life, random thoughts, ordinary conversations can inspire a story.   I think that as long as an author remains observant, story ideas will never go away.  I cannot tell you the number of times an idea, a scene comes to mind in the middle of the night that I fail to write down then and there.  Good thing, I have a good memory.

Praise for Freshman Focus and Just Be

“There are moments where the reader will laugh, they are moments where the reader will cry, and there are moments where the reader will think.” – Shon Bacon, ChickLitGurrl on Freshman Focus

“Ms. Sarratt added a bit of African American history at the beginning of each chapter. Some of these events I must say I never even knew happened, so not only did I enjoy a great bunch of characters, but I learned something as well.” APOOO Bookclub on Freshman Focus

“Just Be offers a lesson on not changing to suit other people. The characters are enjoyable, even with their antics in the classroom.” – APOOO Bookclub on Just Be

9 thoughts on “Meet The BBS: Carla Sarratt

  1. Anyone who still watches and enjoys cartoons as much as I do, is always alright with me! My memory refuses to remember where or when I first met Carla, but that’s a testament to how easily we work together and get along. She’s a dynamic resource and greatly appreciated.

  2. You writers sure do a lot of crying. Carla cried chapter 4, Paula cried Book 4. I wonder if Varian cries when he writes, too. lol.

    Pleasure working with you Carla. Your energy amazes me.

    Think I’m gonna cry.

  3. I’ll have you know, Mr. Tate, that by the time I got to book 4 these characters felt like my real kids. And I have a teen daughter my character’s age, so it was hard to let the character take that step. Too close to home and all that jazz.

    Okay, but seriously, it may also just be that I’m awfully weepy about things as I get older. I cry at cheer competitions, touching commercials and certain episodes of M.A.S.H. LOL

  4. It’s always great to meet another self-published author! I’m glad Carla believed in her stories enough to put them out into the world.

  5. You guys are so sweet.

    I knew there was something I forgot to mention in my profile. I love cartoons and animated movies! I have no kids, but most opening day weekends, I am in the movie theater watching the latest Pixar, Dreamworks, Disney movie. A lot of them are better than the live action movies with actors in front of the screen.

    Paula, the best part of our involvement with tour that shall not be named is meeting and befriending you. Really and truly.:)

    Don, we just cried, but V did something else when writing one of his books.

  6. Oooh girl, you know I must have blocked that out for real. I am not joking, I seriously couldn’t remember how we’d met. Lord, how did I forget?! Boy the mind has the ability to wipe itself clean when it must, doesn’t it? LOL

  7. LOL, yes it does.

    Zetta, I am just thankful that enough people kept suggesting self-publishing and I finally listened to them and made that part of my author journey.

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