Meet The BBS: Paula Chase Hyman

Vital Statistics
Transportation Marketer by day/YA Author by night/Mommy and wife in between

Author of The Del Rio Bay Series (Dafina, 2007-2009)

Three Words That Best Describe You:

Do not challenge me in a game of trivia. I warn you, my brain is a cauldron of mindless information.

Her writing style
My stories tend to be like Seinfeld episodes i.e. they’re about ordinary life, but the fun is watching the characters get through the day.

Brown Bookshelf Role
Resident pain in the ass. I’m not joking. I’m the person who sends everyone fifty million emails reminding them of our deadlines, next steps and possible future opportunities. We all have special talents and getting on everyone’s nerves, in the name of keeping the campaign rolling, is mine.
What you don’t know about her…

* I’m incredibly passionate. There is no such thing as warm with me. Either I’m really hot about something or really cold. I consider it both my best virtue and biggest flaw.

* The acquiring editor for my debut, the lovely Stacey Barney, left Kensington five months before the book was released and I thought the world had ended. Moral to the story – authors must be prepared to write through the ups and downs publishing throws at them.
* I consider myself an under-the-radar author, but absolutely hate hawking my books. Buying a book is a solitary private thing that should not be interrupted by me telling the reader how great my book is. Although promoting is a necessary evil, I wish I’d become an author back in the day when all writers had to do was write. Novel concept.

* I cried after I wrote the scene where my character Mina loses her virginity in Who You Wit’? (book 4). It was a very emotional book to write because I’d nurtured my characters through a lot and it was a huge step for her and me.
* I understand myself better since becoming an author – the need for solitude and the crankiness when I don’t get enough of it are usually the voices trying to be heard.

* I don’t believe in coincidences. Varian and I only knew one another via a few writer’s forums, yet we had only one conversation about the need for something like The Brown Bookshelf before we both agreed to tackle the task. I think we were a partnership waiting to happen.

The fifth and final book in the Del Rio Bay Series, Flipping The Script, will be released April 1st.

Praise forThe Del Rio Bay Series

“…a fresh contemporary friendship story and worth the read.”
Kirkus Reviews on Who You Wit’?

“With humor and a clear eye, Maryland author Paula Chase sees straight to the heart of today’s teen culture.”
Washington Parent, February ’08

“Our fave cheerleader with flavor is back in the third installment of the Del Rio Bay series.”
American Cheerleader on That’s What’s Up!

“..surprisingly real and deep… well worth reading. ”
TeensReadToo on Don’t Get It Twisted

“Contemporary friendship story, which revels in rich diversity of race, color, and class.” —Booklist on So Not The Drama

22 thoughts on “Meet The BBS: Paula Chase Hyman

  1. I half joke, half-cry that my best stuff walks. Don’t Get It Twisted is missing in action from our library. Fortunately we do have another copy in our Prize Bucket. Wonder if we get a donated copy. 🙂

  2. “the need for solitude and the crankiness when I don’t get enough of it are usually the voices trying to be heard.”

    You know I’m going to throw that down every time I need to get away from people. “It’s the writing — need to get back to that, byeeee.”

    I wish I were joking. 😉

    Congratulations on your newest book release, and such cute covers.

  3. Cora – I’ll check my stock and see if I have any Twisted left. Not sure that I do. I have copies of the later books, fyi.

    Zetta, actually I’m a Virgo, and we’re plagued by perfection!!! Or at least striving for it.

    Thanks for the love everyone. Especially you Don. I know there are days when you see an email from me and think – Lord, what does this woman want now?!

  4. Paula is an amazing author and sister-friend. She guides, inspires, cheers, nurtures. In other words, she’s all that and more ;). I agree with Don: She makes it happen around here. We’re blessed to have been called by her and Varian to join this important team.

    And her books are top rate. I wish I had them when I was growing up. Please share them with teens you know. They’ll thank you :).

  5. Ah, a Virgo. Paula, it makes sense, lol. My mom and grandmother are Virgos and they are two of my favorite women.

    Paula is a great friend, mentor, and is really committed to being a strong catalyst of positive change in children’s literature field.

  6. See, Carla, I knew once I said my sign most folks would get it. Us Virgos are…well, special in our need for ultimate domination err, perfection. LOL

  7. I really do love these books. I nag my mom all the time about them. It would be so cool if you came out with a movie for all of the books. I have all four of them, and probably read all of them like 4 times a month. I love how the music quotes begin in each chapter! I love you Paula. LOL, that would be cool if you did come out with movies though. I would LOVE THAT! Right now, I am starting over and reading SO NOT THE DRAMA. I am at the part where Mina, Kelly, Jacinta, and JZ are all at the varsity football game, and after Jacinta was about to hit Jessica! Anyway, yes. Ms. Paula, you have me really obsessed with your series!
    P.S. You should consider movies too!
    Just a suggestion.
    Hope you write back(:

  8. I <3 enthusiastic readers!!! Thanks for your kind words, Arielle. I’d love nothing more than to see my characters on screen (big or small/TV) but the author is actually not in charge of that. But never say never – it could happen.

    I’m a total re-reader too. My mom, an avid reader, never understood how I could read books over. But I do it all the time and love running into others who enjoy losing themselves in a familiar book.

    Don’t forget, the last in the series, Flipping The Script, comes out at the end of this month. Be on the lookout for it on shelves. Thanks for the love.

  9. Lol. Don’t worry, I’M PESTERING MY MOM ABOUT IT EVERYDAY AND I’VE BEEN COUNTING FOR THIS. I don’t know what is going to happen and everytime I think about it I scream and jump because Who you Wit’ just left me there hanging, and I’m anxious to read it. Don’t worry April 1st I will be the first one out to Borders! (:(:(:

  10. Lol, thanks. Haha. I haven’t got the book yet): I had to get something for highschool. Don’t worry this weekend I think I am going to get the book. DID I EVER TELL YOU THAT ANGE AND KELLY’S DRAMA IS SOOOO COOOL. I AM IN LOVE WITH ANGEL. HE SOUNDS COOL.

  11. This is my last time bothering you, but I read the last book and it made me cry. Michael’s letter. it ended at the right place. All we need is a movie! haha. (: Thanks, Ms. Paula for making these books, I think I am going to read all of them again(: Seriously, thankyou for making these books.

  12. Haha You’re not bothering me! As a matter-of-fact, I’m ready to start doing monthly chats on my website with readers who about the books and the things that took place in the books. Want to be a part of the first one?

    Go here and my email address is on this page. Email today so I can put you on the invitation list.

    It’ll be good fun book talk.

    And guess what, writing it made me cry too. It really was like saying goodbye to my own friends.

  13. I read flipping the script in one day.It was so good.I was so sad at the end, that I was in tears. It felt like I had knownall of the characters for years and was saying a final

  14. Ms. Paula.
    I just wanted to give you a shout out.
    Thanks for everything again.
    I just wanted to see how you were doing

  15. Paula i love your book who you wit ? it so real i’m 14 years old nd this book is prepare me 4 teenages life going through all the phases of life .I hope u just keeping making more books .

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