Show Your Love

Personally, I don’t know how book bloggers do it. Read all those books and actually articulate how they feel about them.

Yes, yes, I know that The Brown Bookshelf is a book-sih blog. But we’re not a review site. We aim to increase awareness by highlighting authors and their books – but note, rarely in the form of a review.

No matter, in honor of book blogs the world over, there’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week. Please, submit your fave book blogs and stay tuned to see who takes the honors.


Anyone who takes the time to showcase books with balanced reviews is aces in my books. But what say you?

Submissions are open until August 15th.

Book Blogger Appreciation week is Sept 14-18 (cool, the same week as my Del Rio Bay Blog Tour— shameless self promotion!).

Submit and stay tuned!

2 Responses to Show Your Love

  1. paulahy says:

    Hey Miss Attitude – you actually have to submit at the link provided at the Book Blogger Appreciation site.

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