It’s an honor to be nominated…

You know how, when someone loses out on an award they immediately say, “It’s just an honor to be nominated?” And being the skeptics that we sometimes are, we question if they mean it. I mean who doesn’t want to be win an award?

Anyone not want to? Anyone?

I didn’t think so.

The good thing about books is there are lots of lists that don’t involve the author having to win. And definitely, in those cases you’re psyched to be mentioned.

Over at Color Online, Susan has created a list of Great YA by or about women of color. There are authors on there who must be included (Draper, Woodson, Flake, Williams-Garcia). Then there are authors unfamiliar to me (Adichie, Kahn). And then there’s…me.

And it truly is an honor to be included. Because there are so many good books to choose from, finding a good book outside of one’s favorite authors is a lot like looking for a good contractor to work on your house – you lean on referrals you can rely on.

It’s nice to be on the recommended list and know that hungry readers may find their way to something new and me.

Paula Chase Hyman is the author of the Del Rio Bay series, a teen lit series about a multi-cultural clique of friends.

2 Responses to It’s an honor to be nominated…

  1. susan says:


    Your work addresses a real need in AA YA fiction. We know we black folks aren’t monolithic. We, too,have different experiences and socioeconomic backgrounds. I am convinced more teens would be reading you if the publishing industry would pull their heads….okay, this is kid-friendly space. Anyhoo, every time I recommend your book to a reader, it’s a hit.

    I’m a mission to promote you and peers because you do us proud.

    Thank you,

  2. paulahy says:

    Thank you!

    Book promoton has become such a rat race. It’s a three-ring circus with a flea market edge.

    I’ve always been an advocate of book selection being a quiet thing. A person thumbing through a book and getting up close and personal with the text before choosing. The only disruption to that process should be someone hand selling it to them – someone familiar with the book themselves. Not me tap dancing around them as I sing about how great my book is.

    And honestly, no offense to the authors who enjoy the hustle and flow of in-person book promotion at festivals, fairs and what not.

    Bottom line, I appreciate gatekeepers and sites, like yours, that nudge readers in different directions. Through you all, I don’t have to do a song and dance to convince a reader to like me. Which eases my mind and allows me to focus more on writing.

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