Thank you, sir. May we have another?

I was so pleased to hear about a new book blog in town. Which may seem weird, because there’s truly no shortage of book blogs. Unless you’re looking for one from the perspective of a Black teen.

And I’ll glaldy be proven wrong, here. If you know of book blog sites helmed by an African American young adult, by all means, send it up, send it through as D’Angelo once crooned.

Until then, welcome young, black, a reader to the kiddie lit blogosphere. [insert claps]

Run by Miss Attitude, a CORA reader, I have high expectations for this blog. Sorry, Miss Attitude, no pressure. It’s just exciting to be at the start of a blog dedicated to books, especially one from a perspective that’s sorely lacking in the literary chorus, and badly needed to remind publishers that teens of color (dare we call them a niche audience!) enjoy reading as much as mainstream readers.

Please stop by and show Miss Attitude some love. Most importantly, send your young readers her way, so they can get a perspective on books from someone beyond us gatekeepers.

2 Responses to Thank you, sir. May we have another?

  1. susan says:

    Thanks Paula,

    I told Ari I hope we don’t freak her out with our excitement. lol

  2. MissAttitude says:

    Haha no pressure! But seriously, I so appreciate all the love and welcomes. Everyone in the AA blogosphere has been so supportive :)

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