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Over at my blog, I’m calling readers of my series to take action and be counted. I’m asking them to write to my publisher with a very simple: I read this book. I like it. I am here! sort of message.

This, as a result of the LIAR cover and ensuing discussion about “black books” not selling.

Chasing Ray is worth checking out for further discussion as well. Believe me, there’s a lot being said on this.

Those who know me, know I’m a doer.

When I kept hearing “I can’t find good brown books for my reader,” I got to yakking with Varian and the Brown Bookshelf was born.

Now, this…

Librarians, teachers, parents, gatekeepers to young readers and readers, do not be ignored.

Fact is, brown books sell. What may be debatable is how well they sell.

But books don’t sell themselves. There’s a matter of distribution and placement that plays a large part in how well a book sells.

You can’t buy a book you don’t see on the shelf. And it’s awfully hard to buy a book you’re not even aware is available.

Book blogs like this one, are there to help with the latter. But the former is a whole lot trickier.

So, I’m asking readers to take it to the pen. Write a short, sweet letter to the publisher of your favorite brown authors to let them know you’re there and want to be acknowledged.

This isn’t about best selling. It’s about not wanting to lose ground.

If publishing believes brown books don’t sell they’ll have good reason not to buy these books.

We can’t let that happen.

It’ll take work to find the pubs address. But anything worth fighting for does. And I believe this is. I hope others will as well.

4 thoughts on “Be Counted

  1. Paula,

    That’s what I’m talking about. I’m a doer. Color Online was formed to say we are here, we do matter. We have stories to tell.

    Thank you.

  2. The buzz on this issue makes it clear we’re not in the battle alone. But we need to galvanize some real power behind this so it results in solutions.

    Until this happened, I always thought the solution was increasing awareness so more books would sell. But now…feels like there’s another level of activity that needs to take place.

  3. Great idea, Paula,

    Along with writing publishers, I would encourage parents, teachers, librarians and students to nominate your favorite brown books for state reading awards. You can nominate some via an online form or just a simple email. We need to see more of our books on state award lists.

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