3rd Annual KidLitosphere Conference

kidlit_logoDo you blog about children’s and young adult books? Are you interested in blogging about children’s and YA books? Maybe you should attend the 3rd Annual KidLitosphere Conference. From the website:

The Kidlitosphere Conference is an annual gathering of the Society of Bloggers in Children’s and Young Adult Literature. The 2009 conference will take place in Washington, DC, on Saturday, October 17th. While sessions are not scheduled for Friday, a Library of Congress visit is currently in the planning stages. An informal outing in DC will be scheduled for Sunday as well.

The sessions go from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday and will cover:

  1. The Blog Within: An Interview With Your Inner Blogger

  2. Building a Better Blog: Best Practices, Ideas, and Tips

  3. Split Reviewer/Author Sessions:
    It’s All About the Book: Better Book Reviews
    It’s Not About Your Book: Writing Ideas for Blogging Authors

  4. Split Reviewer/Author Sessions:
    Social Networking for Fun (and Profit?)

  5. Authors, Publishers, Reviewers (and ARCs): A Panel Conversation

  6. Coming Together, Giving Back: Building Community, Literacy and the Reading Message (KidLitosphere Central/PBS/RIF/Literacy)

  7. Meet the Authors

For more information, check out the website. Also see posts by MotherReader and Liz B.

3 Responses to 3rd Annual KidLitosphere Conference

  1. Edi says:

    Hmmm…. sounds so interesting! Any of you all planning to go?

  2. Doret says:

    Right now I need a finanical sponsor to attend but I do want to go.

    And its Cybils time again.

  3. Edi-

    I’m trying to figure out if I can work it into my schedule. Will you be in attendance?


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