Maryland author gives reasons why YA is the new hotness

PaulaBe sure to check out Paula Chase-Hyman’s interview in The Examiner about why YA is the new hotness. From the article:

Reason #5. YA novels enable their young readers to process problems and situations from a safe distance. They show how someone the reader’s age would deal with problems that are typical for that reader’s age group. Books are particularly useful here, because, by their nature, they can provide more context than a television.

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7 thoughts on “Maryland author gives reasons why YA is the new hotness

  1. Great article! Also, I enjoyed the transparent discussion you and Varian added to last week’s SORMAG YA panel.

  2. I agree, but the book must also be interesting and exciting, and be a window into another kind of life as well. I just read two books with students dealing with divorce that just weren’t very fun to read.

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