Booktalking Kiddie Lit By POC

Some people wring their hands over an issue, more worried about how things may never change versus how they can be part of the solution.

Others, like Publisher Weekly’s Elizabeth Bluemle, dive in head first ready to arm wrestle the problem to the floor.

Two weeks ago, Bluemle, a children’s author herself and the incoming president of the Association of Booksellers for Children lamented the lack of “just books” featuring people of color, within children’s literature. The lamentation isn’t new, but the focus on it has been hotly renewed since the Liar cover controversy.

I’m not sure if Elizabeth was ready for the overwhelming response to her call for books. But in only twelve days time, she’s compiled a work-in-progress list featuring Picture Books, Middle Grades and YA novels that are good reads and happen to also revolve around a character of color.

With well over three hundred books on the list, right now, I never want to hear the words “they aren’t out there,” again.

For the record, however, you’re still allowed to say “they aren’t marketed as well.”

But we’re putting a dent in that too.

I’ll be looking to make this link a permanent one on the Brown Bookshelf Library Page as well.

Spread the word and continue to pass on titles to Elizabeth.

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