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Well, you know it’s award season (CSK, what say you?) so that also means it’s 28 Days Later announcement time.

This year, I find myself in a position of having to stay in my rabbit hole. In other words, I’m knee deep in my latest work in progress. Between that and pondering 28 Days Later candidates, I’m not afforded much time to focus on what’s happening in the real world. So I’ve missed all the good talk about ALA and NAACP Image Awards and such.

Perhaps someone will fill me in when I come up for air, say around April.

Meanwhile, we here at The Brown Bookshelf had a typical time coming up with the roster for our third annual campaign. And by typical I mean, just when you think you know for sure one author deserves the spotlight, darn if another name doesn’t contend just as well. It’s tough and rewarding work, if you can get it. And one look at the lit scene says you can get it plenty if you want it.

There’s no shortage of niche campaigns all with a similiar goal as BBS, showcase good work. And while I’d love to see brown books mentioned more in the mainstream, announcement day of the 28 Days Later showcases fills me with pride. Every time I think about spreading the word about good books it feels like a giant step forward.

So, enough rambling from me. Check out the release, or the 28 Days Later page for the complete roster and spotlight dates.

7 thoughts on “Let’s Get It Started

  1. This is so wonderful, Paula! I’m looking forward to the showcase and will be sharing the news with my groups. I absolutely love the idea of the event (as well as The Brown Bookshelf) so I can keep up with books to add to my kids’ reading list. I’ve been heavily involved in the adult side of things, so you guys make it easy for me to stay updated on the children & YA side of things, so THANKS!


  2. I’ve been waiting for this and I am not disappointed. I’ll be linking to this tomorrow and coming back for the interviews! Thanks for all the work you put into this project.

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