Mainstream Mission: Fuse 8 Top 100 Chapter Books

Over at Color Online (this year’s recipient of 28 Days Later spotlight books) Doret has posted about Fuse 8’s call for people’s favorite Fictional Chapter books.

Do go over and check out her post, as she’s saying exactly what I would for this call of action. Then, head over to Fuse 8 and submit a few brown chapter books. Submissions accepted only until January 31st.

Now and again, I’ll post these mainstream missions. Essentially, they’re a call to action so that brown books will routinely be mentioned in favorite lists, Top 10’s, 100’s or 1 millions.

Lately, I’ve struggled with this issue. On one hand, I don’t care who picks up a brown book as long as its picked up. But on the other, I feel like if we’re not mentioned in high profile places outside of the CSK we’re forever doomed to middling sales and stay-in-your-lane marketing.

I’ve seen progress in the area of brown books getting mentions outside of brown blogs and brown readers. But I believe we still have lots of work to do.

Betsy Bird is a great resource and her blog is read by many. It’s definitely a place we’d like to see our brown books listed, so the word continues to spread. So go.

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