28 Days Later, 2010 poster

The celebration officially kicks off on Monday, February 1. But you can get a sneak peek of the campaign now. Click here to download the 28 Days Later, 2010 poster.

Upon completing the layout, I felt encouraged. Sure, the number of African American children’s literature creators is small, relative to the industry as a whole. Visit any children’s and YA section of your local book store, and you won’t see many titles authored and/or illustrated by African Americans (other than during Black History Month). You might conclude that these books don’t exist.

But they do.

As an African American children’s book illustrator and author myself, in an industry that really isn’t as color-bind as it would have you believe, sometimes I get discouraged. But my work here at the Brown Bookshelf, specifically the 28 Days Later campaign, always inspires me. Whenever I find myself getting down, when I start to feel that the cards are stacked against me — and believe me, they are — I look at all the faces on the posters from past and current campaigns, and I feel hopeful.

African American children’s book writers and illustrators, keep doing what your doing. You’re paving the way, you’re making it easier for the next generation.

Thank you.


10 Responses to 28 Days Later, 2010 poster

  1. Kelly says:

    Beautiful, Don! Thank you for creating another wonderful poster and celebrating the work of our black children’s book authors and illustrators.

  2. lindsey says:

    Great poster, Don. Bravo! What a beautiful compilation/celebration of the African American contribution to children’s literature.

  3. I’m sorry, do you have a higher resolution version of this? I can actually read any of it, and I’d love to print out a nice copy and put it up in the library.


    • thebrownbookshelf says:

      Not sure why it’s viewing so small, but it will download to full size for printing. I’ll try uploading a pdf version, too.

  4. Zetta says:

    Wonderful! Thanks to you, Don, and the entire BBS team for taking on this important endeavor in addition to your own creative work.

  5. […] in the Philadelphia area. Several of the guest authors and illustrators are past and current 28 Days Later honorees. Here’s your chance to meet a children’s book author or illustrator of color, […]

  6. tamekafbrown says:

    The poster is wonderful. Thanks, Don! I’m so excited for 28 Days Later to start on Monday!

  7. What a great poster! Thank you for creating such an amazing resource for teachers and parents to share with students. -Nancy

  8. […] Brown Bookshelf’s 28 Days Later, 2010 kicks off Monday, February 1st. This annual celebration of African-American children’s book […]

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