How You Like Us Now?

No need to be coy, it’s pretty obvious your favorite lit site for kid books by Black creatives has had a face lift. And I must say, the old girl looks good.

BBS Logo

Collaborative book efforts, like the Brown Bookshelf, are labors of love. We’re grateful for every eyeball that scans our posts and every individual that tunes in for our annual 28 Days Later campaign. Even more so, you all continued to come back despite us not keeping up with trendier, flashier digital sites. That signals that you valued the information we provide, no matter how it was packaged. Thank you!

Thank you Square Bear Studio for creating our new look and for getting that we’re not flashy nor see our work promoting Black creatives as trendy. We think the muted colors and focus on the books fits us perfectly.

Take a look around, folks. As they say – new look, same great product!

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