BBS is Award Winning

There’s something very humbling about receiving an award.

Maybe, it’s the slight awkwardness of others acknowledging you for doing something you know simply needs to be done.

Maybe, it’s because authors are perpetually caught between needing to bring attention to their work while attempting to shy away from public speaking.

Whatever the case, The Brown Bookshelf was a winner of the 2nd annual CBC Diversity Outstanding Achievement Award and we’re grateful, excited, and yes, humbled.

We’ve been in the trenches of diversity and inclusion for nearly 12 years. Long enough to both see that things are changing but also be frustrated that they aren’t changing fast enough. To have the Children’s Book Council recognize that we are playing an essential part in creating and promoting diversity feels really good.

We’ve said it before and will continue to remind folks that we sustain The Brown Bookshelf as a labor of love. We believe in our mission to uplift Black creators of children’s literature and know that only with continued work, will we change the publishing landscape indefinitely.

Thank you, CBC. We’re proud to be recognized along with:

  • Andrea Davis Pinkney, VP/Executive Editor at Scholastic
  • Namrata Tripathi, Founder, VP and Publisher of Penguin Young Readers’ Kokila Imprint
  • Just Us Books, Founders: Cheryl Willis Hudson and Wade Hudson

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