28 Days Later-2010

28 Days Later

24 authors…

4 Illustrators…

In 28 Days

We believe the 2010 roster represents one of our most diverse showcases, yet. You be the judge.

Vanguard authors in bold.
Illustrators in italics.

Feb. 1 – Marguerite Abouet (YA) AYA: The Secrets Come Out
Feb. 2 – AG Ford – (PB) Michelle
Feb. 3 – Kekla Magoon – (MG) The Rock & The River
Feb. 4 – Sharon Flake – (YA) You Don’t Even Know Me
Feb. 5 – Natasha Tarpley – (PB) The Princess and the Frog: Princess Tiana and the Royal Ball
Feb. 6 – Dwayne Ferguson – (MG) Kid Caramel Series
Feb. 7 – Bernette Ford – (PB) Ballet Kitty: Play Book
Feb. 8 – Yasmin Shiraz – (YA) Retaliation
Feb. 9 – Shadra Strickland – (PB) A Place Where Hurricanes Happen
Feb. 10 –
Sandra Belton – (MG) The Tallest Tree
Feb. 11 – Debbie Rigaud – (YA) Perfect Shot
Feb. 12 – Tony Medina – (PB) I and I, Bob Marley
Feb. 13 – Sharon Bell Mathis – (MG ) The Hundred Penny Box
Feb. 14 – Christine Taylor-Butler – (MG) Sacred Mountain
Feb. 15 – Tonya Hegamin – (YA) M+O 4EVR
Feb. 16 – Eric Velasquez – (PB) Racing Against the Odds: The Story of Wendell Scott
Feb. 17 – Dinah Johnson – (PB) Black Magic
Feb. 18 – M. LaVora Perry – (MG) Taneesha Never Disparaging
Feb. 19 – Freddi Williams Evans – (PB) Hush Harbor
Feb. 20 – Janet McDonald – (YA) Off-Color
Feb. 21 – Jerdine Nolen – (PB) Pitching in for Eubie
Feb. 22- Jaime Adoff – (YA) The Death of Jayson Porter
Feb. 23 – Cozbi Cabrera – (PB) Most Loved in all the World
Feb. 24 – Nikki Grimes– (MG) Rich: A Dyamonde Daniel Book
Feb. 25 – Martin Mordecai – (MG) Blue Mountain Trouble
Feb. 26 – Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard – (PB) Virgie Goes to School With Us Boys
Feb. 27 – Denene Millner & Mitzi Miller– (YA) Hotlanta Series
Feb. 28 – Charles R. Smith, Jr. – (PB) Dance With Me

60 Responses to 28 Days Later-2010

  1. thebrownbookshelf says:

    Here are some of the nominations we’ve received via email:

    Rachel Renee Russell (Dork Diaries)
    Bernette Ford
    M. LaVora Perry (Taneesha Never Disparaging)
    Carole Boston Weatherford (Becoming Billy Holiday)
    Zetta Elliott (A Wish After Midnight)

    Thanks for all the great suggestions, guys. Keep ’em coming!

  2. Paula says:

    I hope we’re about to get a huge rush of subs *hint, hint*. But as a housecleaning point – Carole Boston Weatherford was a 2008 spotlight: https://thebrownbookshelf.com/2008/02/20/carole-boston-weatherford/

  3. Paula says:

    Another house keeping (which is what I meant to say in last post)note.

    Zetta Elliot was a 2009 spotlight: https://thebrownbookshelf.com/2009/02/07/zetta-elliott-2/

  4. Wow! Another great opportunity to celebrate African American authors! Here are my nominations:
    1. Dr. Dinah Johnson, picture book author and noted scholar. One of her many books is Quinnie Blue; another is the evocative Hair Dance. She’s also author of The Brownies Book, which details the history of the NAACP’s magazine for African American children published in the 1920s. Check it out.
    2. Donald Crews. This author and illustrator and father of author Nina Crews (One Hot Summer Day) created such popular boardbooks as Freight train. And don’t forget Big Momma’s!
    3. Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard — how can we overlook this national treasure? Miss Flossie’s Hats and Crabcakes Later is one of my favorites.
    4. Sharon Flake — The Skin I’m In — has produced many fine books as a YA author.
    Peace and blessings,
    Eleanora E. Tate

  5. Well, while I’m thinking about it:
    Jerdine Nolen, Thunder Rose, Hewitt Anderson’s Great Big Life, and many others!
    Brenda Wilkinson, author of African American Women Wriers, and many more.
    Clinton Cox, author of African American Teachers.
    Linda Goss, author of Baby Leopard, Baby Leopard and more storytelling publications.
    David Anderson, author of The Origin of Life on Earth.
    Gennette Tilley Turner, author of Follow in Their Footsteps, and more.
    Illstrator Jan Spivey Gilchrist.

  6. And … a name and book title I couldn’t think of before, but that I love — My Rows and Piles of Coins, by Tololwa M. Mollel, and E. B. Lewis, Illustrator.

  7. Nanda Porter says:

    Hello, I’m a first time author and I would lke to nominate my book. Amber Wings It’s still being in the publishing stage right now.

    • Paula says:

      Hi Nanda. Nominated books must already be published or be available by March 2010, as we like visitors to the 28 Days Later spotlights to be able to get their hands on the book once they’re aware of it. Is your book being traditionally published?

  8. kelstar71 says:

    Thanks for the great nominations! Let’s keep them coming.

  9. Donna-Marie Winn says:

    Here are three authors that I’d like to nominate:

    Christine Taylor-Butler’s Sacred Mountain: Everest. Christine has over 40 other books to pick from, but this one was released this year and highlights the Sherpa people. Hundreds of hours of research went in to writing this book about people who are often ignored and undervalued. The lion, and not the hunter, tells this story.

    Rachel Renee Russell’s Dork Diaries. Rachel’s book made the NYT best seller list and stayed there for weeks, despite some early, questionable reviews. Dork Diaries found a readership on its merits.

    Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich’s Eight Grade Superzero due out January 2010. There’s lots of buzz about this one on the internet.

  10. Dionna says:

    I’d like to nominate Gaylia Taylor author of George Crum and the Saratoga Chip, a beautifully illustrated, and well-written pb biography published by Lee & Low. You must read it to see how wonderful it tastes!

  11. Erin B. says:

    I’d like to nominate Traci L. Jones, author of the YA novel _Standing Against The Wind_ which came out a couple of years ago, and has definitely been under the radar.

    In addition, I’d also like to suggest Charles R. Smith, author of the YA novel Chameleon, which came out last year, as well _Twelve Rounds to Glory_.

    I know you’ve featured several authors from the Kimani Tru series of YA novels in the past 28 Days Later, but I don’t think you’ve featured Earl Sewell, author of _Keysha’s Drama_ and it’s sequels.

    Another possibility is Yasmin Shiraz, author of _Retaliation_, which made the YALSA Quick Picks list last year.

  12. AND … !!! Sharon Bell Mathis! Has she been nominated yet? Does everybody remember The Hundred Penny Box? The little boy who loved his elderly relative who’s been moved into his home, and who has her beloved box of pennies with a story behind each one? It’s a heartwrencher.

  13. Paula Chase says:

    We’re getting some great diversity here. Keep ’em coming!!

  14. Karen Strong says:

    Tanita Davis (Mare’s War)
    Lyah B. Leflore (The World is Mine)
    Linda Beatrice Brown (Black Angels)

  15. olugbemisola says:

    Dwayne J. Ferguson, author of the Kid Caramel series and other books. Dream Jordan. Tara Demps Soyinka.

  16. kelstar71 says:

    Thanks, Everybody! Great noms! Thanks for your support. Please keep them coming.

  17. Sharon Robinson, author of Safe at Home and A True Story About Jackie Robinson (Testing the Ice) among others. As the daughter of Jackie Robinson, she probably has great stories to share.

  18. Jillean McComons says:

    Jerdine Nolen, Dolores Johnson author of Onward: a Photobiography of African American Polar Explorer Matthew Henson, the late Toni Trent Parker, Zetta Elliot author of Bird

  19. Tijuana crosby says:

    Kelly Starling-Lyons, author of one million men and me

  20. thebrownbookshelf says:

    New nominations via email:

    AG Ford (illustrator of Barack, Michelle and First Family)

    Jaime Adoff (author of The Death of Jason Porter)

    Denene Millner (the Hotlanta Series)

    Jacqueline Woodson

  21. thebrownbookshelf says:

    More nominations from email:

    Sylviane Diouf – http://www.sylvianediouf.com/

    Baba Wagué Diakité – http://www.babawague.com/

    Penda Diakité – “I losty my tooth in Africa”

    Christine Taylor-Butler-SACRED MOUNTAIN: EVEREST (Lee & Low, 2009)

    JaeMe Bereal (illustrator)-IN HER HANDS: The Story of Sculptor Augusta Savage (Lee & Low, 2009)

    Eloise Greenfield (author) and George Ford (illustrator)-PAUL ROBESON (redesigned and updated using original art from 1975 edition) (Lee & Low, 2009)

    Kai Jackson Issa (author) and Arthur L. Dawson (illustrator)- HOWARD THURMAN’S GREAT HOPE (Lee & Low, 2008)

    Duane Smith (illustrator)- SEVEN MILES TO FREEDOM: The Robert Smalls Story (Lee & Low, 2008)

    Kenneth Addison (illustrator)- WE (Lee & Low, 2007)

  22. thebrownbookshelf says:

    And even more nominations:

    Dream Jordan, author of HOT GIRL

    Chandra Sparks Taylor, author of SPIN IT LIKE THAT

    Cassandra Carter, author of 16 ISN’T ALWAYS SWEET

  23. kd says:

    I nominate a new YA author, Shelia M. Goss, for her series, The Lip Gloss Chronicles. My nieces have literally fought over her books to the point where I have to buy one for each as a’ reward’ for good grades or special occassions [I have several nieces]. I’m glad I found something that encourages them to read and share.

  24. MissAttitude says:

    Flygirl by Sherri L. Smith

    The Hoopster trilogy by Alan Lawrence Sitomer

    When the Black Girl Sings by Bil Wright

    Drama High series by L. Divine

  25. Doret says:

    Rachel Isadora
    G. Neri
    Tonya Hegmin
    Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich
    Kekla Magoon
    Frank Morrison

    Thanks again for doing 28days later. Looking at all these nods I know its not easy.

  26. Paula says:

    So exciting to see more noms roll in. A bit of housekeeping…

    The following authors have already been a 28 Days spotlight. If you haven’t already please check out their spotlight links:
    G. Neri ’08
    Eloise Greenfield ’08
    Sherri L. Smith ’08
    Zetta Elliott ’09
    Tanita Davis ’09
    Jacqueline Woodson ’09

  27. Doret says:

    Paula, I did check but I missed G Neri’s, sorry

  28. paulahy says:

    Doret, no worries. Whenever a duplicate comes through, it gives us a chance to remind folks of the spotlights and keep past honorees top of mind.

  29. Edi says:

    Yes!!! for G. Neri!! So many wonderful authors to note!
    I’d like to suggest both
    Ni Ni Simone for ‘If I Was Your Girl’; ‘Shorty Like Mine
    and L. Divine for the Drama High Series. Each of these very talented authors have written contemporary novels that attract our young girls without profanity, sex and drugs. I can’t keep these books in my media center!
    Sherri Smith writes such diverse topics for our girls from Fly Girl to A La Carte!
    Troy Cle for his Marvelous World series.

    This is an amazing project! Thank you for doin this for all of us!!

  30. LaTonya says:

    Tonya Hegmin
    Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich
    Kekla Magoon
    Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu
    Traci L. Smith
    Sophia Quintero
    L.M. Preston
    Lori Aurelius Williams

  31. LaTonya says:

    Kim Wayans & Kevin Knotts

  32. Annie Gordon says:

    Thank you for continuing to showcase African- American authors. I would like to nominate Felicia Pride, author of “THE MESSAGE: 100 Life Lessons from Hip-Hop’s Greatest Songs” a nonfiction book published in 2007 which has been used as a tool of engagement in educational centers around the country. Her most recent young adult novel was released October 1, 2009 and is titled “Patterson Heights.” Felicia Pride is also part of a young adult anthology published in 2007 by Kimani TRU titled “Hallway Diaries” and she also completed two chapter books for children based on the Everybody Hates Chris TV series–“Everybody Hates First Girlfriends” and “Everyboy Hates School Politics.” Check out her work!!

  33. Edi says:

    I’m just now looking at Orphea Proud by Sharon Dennis Wyeth, a young adult book. This from her page at Scholastic:
    Sharon Dennis Wyeth has written nearly 50 books for children and young adults, and has received numerous awards and recognitions including:
    Parents Magazine Best Book
    Reading Rainbow Book
    Children’s Book Council Notable Book
    Books for the Teen Age, New York Public Library
    Best 100 Books, New York Public Library
    LAMDA Literary Award Finalist
    Stephen Crane Literary Award, Newark Public Library
    Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation Creative Fellow
    Virginia Center for Creative Arts Fellow
    Geraldine R. Dodge Fellow
    Rockefeller Foundation grant co-recipient
    At present, she is a Visiting Associate Professor of Creative Writing at Hollins University.
    Mrs. Wyeth’s writing career began in 1989 with the creation of “Pen Pals,” a twenty-book pre-teen series about girls who write letters to boys. Her current books spring from her own African American childhood and other explorations of the African American experience. Publications for younger readers include “Something Beautiful,” entering its tenth year, “A Piece of Heaven,” “Corey’s Underground Railroad Diary” series, “Once on This River,” The World of Daughter McGuire,” “Always My Dad,” and others. Her book for high school age readers, “Orphea Proud,” was published in 2005. Mrs. Wyeth is also a poet and has written for television. She maintains a parallel career as a voice and diction teacher

  34. Kelstar says:

    Great nominations, everyone! Thanks so much. Let’s keep it going. And Edi, so glad you nominated Sharon Dennis Wyeth. Her picture book, Something Beautiful, helped inspire me to write for children.

  35. erin b. says:

    I looked at the last two years and I didn’t see Janet McDonald featured, so I’d like to nominate her. I know there’s no possibility for an interview since she’s passed away, but I think she would be a great feature. Her books are
    Project Girl, Off Color, Harlem Hustle, Brother Hood, Spellbound, and Chill Wind.

    I also don’t _think_ that Lori Williams, author of When Kambia Elaine Flew in From Neptune, Shayla’s Double Brown Baby Blues, and Broken China, has ever been featured either.

  36. Rachel says:

    I want to nominate Torrey Maldonado, author of Secret Saturdays, which is being published by Penguin in April 2010. Secret Saturdays is young adult urban fiction, and Torrey Maldonado writes with authenticity, experience, and insight about the challenges of growing up poor, male, and in a single parent home in a tough neighborhood. He uses humor, mystery, and heart as he tackles these tough issues.

  37. Maya Jones says:

    I would like to nominate Chandra Sparks Taylor, her 2007 book, Spin It Like That, was chosen as a YALSA 2009 Popular Paperback for Young Adults. She has written another book, The Pledge, which deals with a teenagers pledge to stay a virgin. The sequel to The Pledge is The Promise and it comes out in April 2010. Chandra’s books descibe real teenage problems but offer a Christian solutions and perspectives. Her books are published by Kimani Tru.

  38. I’d like to nominate Hot Girl, a young adult novel by Dream Jordan.

  39. Doret says:

    I didn’t realize Sharon Dennis Wyeth wrote had such a large body of work.

    I wanted to do it before but I’ll do it now – another nod for Dream Jordan.

    illus. Eric Velasquez

  40. I would like to nominate a book entitled CultureSeek: Connecting to African and African American History. ISBN: 9780978729622

  41. Olive says:

    I would like to nominate Linked ISBN: 978-0-9823077-0-0, by Olive Peart. Published 2008- Demarche Publishing LLC.

  42. Paula says:

    Just a reminder that we self published books are only considered by invitation. Submissions here, at the site, are for traditionally published books only.

    @LaTonya – Hi. We only consider children’s books. While your book indicates it can be for young readers, it isn’t a children’s book.

    For those who have self published children’s book, I encourage you to contact us via our email and let us know that you’re interested in having your book considered. If we’re interested we will reach out to you and request that the book be mailed to us.

  43. Hannah says:

    I and I Bob Marley by Tony Medina, illus. by Jesse Joshua Watson!

  44. Sabra says:

    *Rachel Renee Russell (Dork Diaries)*

    My daughter absolutely loved the book, so did her cousin during their Summer reading. She also bragged how she saw a classmate reading it. Not to mention, I saw a woman in the book aisle and I recommended to her to purchase the book :-). Good luck to everyone.

  45. Rebecca says:

    I didn’t see Julian Houston on the list, so unless I missed him, I’d like to nominate him for NEW BOY, his 2005 YA novel set in the 1950’s, about an African American teen who leaves Virginia for a Northeastern boarding school, where he’s the first student of color.

  46. Flor Concepcion says:

    Wanted to thank you for a great web-site and literary project. Wanted you to also review a self-published Author I would like to nominate; P.Marquez-Garcia, Benito’s Treasue Hunt, 2000 a wonderful children’s storybook with illustrations and family values.Thank you.

  47. I would like to nominate Da Goodie Monsta by Robert Peters because of its fresh approach to a child being able to pursue the answer to his dreams or lack of dreams. Also a book titled “The Majestic Crane,” about a young girl who learn Chinese and travels the world facing down racism with her language abilities and desire to educate. This book was written by me, Rochelle O’Neal Thorpe

  48. Nancy D. Tolson says:

    I am not sure if Tom Feelings was included in the last
    in the past but his artistry is monumental:
    To Be A Slave
    I Saw Your Face
    Black Pilgrimage
    Jambo Means Hello
    Moja Means One
    Now Sheba Sings the Song
    Zamani Goes to the Market
    My Soul Looks Back in Wonder
    Middle Passage
    Tommy Traveler in the World of Black History (graphic novel before its time)

    I may have missed a couple since I am looking on my shelf.

    Another author to consider is Tony Medina

    Christmas Makes Me Think
    DeShawn Days
    Love to Langston
    I and I Bob Marley
    Letters to Santa

    And some other illustrators that really should be recognized for the prolific contributions to the field of Black children’s literature.

    Javaka Steptoe
    John Steptoe (1969-1989 in the field)
    George Ford
    E. Sims Campbell (1932)
    Lois Mailou Jones (1938)
    Carole Byard

    By the way, this is a great website. I really wish that I could have discovered this site earlier in order to use it in African American literature course. But I will use it in my Children’s Literature course next semester. Excellent excellent resource.


  49. Would like to nominate my children’s picturebook, WHEN LOUIS ARMSTRONG TAUGHT ME SCAT, which won the Junior Library Guild Main Selection and received great review in Publisher’s Weekly & Kirkus Reviews, etc. It’s my first book & I’m A SENIOR CITIZEN.
    It’s about the joys of chewing bubble gum & is a jazzy querky riff on the pink gooey chewy bubbley “stuff”. CHRONICLE is the publisher. My bio of Louis, PLAY LOUIS, PLAY! is coming out next year from Bloomsbury Press. Hope your sight will give it some publicity…it’s fun, it’s music, it’s dancing to the rhythm, it’s wonderful !!! Thank you.

  50. I MUST give applause to R.Gregg Christie, who illustrated my picture book, WHEN LOUIS ARMSTRONG TAUGHT ME SCAT. Gregg has won the CORETTA SCOTT KING AWARD three times. WHATTA record !! So please don’t leave Gregg off your list of illustrators. He’s fantastic !!! Look up his stuff.

  51. MissAttitude says:

    Great list! I’ve got some new books to read :D

    I would classify the Rock & the river as MG and YA. Just finished it and it was great! I really liked Perfect Shot as well.

    Haven’t read any of Janet McDonald’s books. Must remedy that.

  52. Wow, it’s time for 28 days already!! I have a new book coming out in March 2010 from Albert Whitman & Co. called LUCKY BEANS. It’s by children’s author Becky Birtha (also african-american!)


  53. Love the list and love the comments and suggestions.
    This is a great service. It’s good to know there is so much support for the diversity of African American stories. Keep up the good work!

  54. BJ Neary says:

    I made a mistake—the book by Katrina Burchett is Choices!!!
    And I agree with Katrina Burchett’s vote for Hot Girl by Dream Jordan.
    Retaliation is written b Yasmin Sharaz.

    Our students love all three books!

  55. This is an excellent resource!! I’m happy you’ve compiled this list. Oh, and I’ve read the Hotlanta series (2 books from the series), and it is SO well-written and captivating!! Great call on adding them to the list!

  56. This is so great! I will be sure to pass the word to others I know. I would like to nominate Tameka Fryer Brown, Kelly Starling Lyons, and Kadir Nelson!

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