Nominations Now Open for 28 Days Later!

Happy Labor Day! As today is the day our nation has set aside for celebrating the myriad social and economic contributions of our American labor force (which all too often tends to go unlauded the rest of the year), it is more than fitting that we’ve chosen today to open up nominations for 28 Days Later-2015! 28 Days [ Read the full article… ]

MAKING OUR OWN MARKET: Creating Our Own Publishing Houses

The kidlit world is currently abuzz with many loud, strong, and unified voices crying out, “WE NEED DIVERSE BOOKS!” The cry has been made before, but this time there appears to be an organized activism accompanying the noise. In that same activist spirit, we at The Brown Bookshelf reached out to a variety of experienced individuals involved in the [ Read the full article… ]

Whatcha Reading this Summer?

So. Summer vacation is half over.  Have you gotten some swim time in? Seen the latest movies? Visited the grandparents? Reached your summer reading goal? We can help you with the last one. The Brown Bookshelf sent out a call to publishers and readers, asking for the latest and greatest children’s books by African-American authors and illustrators. Below [ Read the full article… ]

The BBS 2012 Summer Reading List — Picture Books & Early Readers

It’s time to pull out the shades and the sunscreen (yes, the sunscreen) and get ready for all things summer! While planning days filled with travel and play and surfside fun, do not forget the most important summertime accessory of all: a good book. As always, The Brown Bookshelf is here to help you stay [ Read the full article… ]

The BBS 2012 Summer Reading List — Chapter Books & Middle Grades

Here are some chapter books and middle grade titles written by black authors of various cultures.  This diverse list includes something of interest for every kind of reader!   NEWER TITLES (2010-2012) “Anna Hibiscus” Series Author:  Atinuke Publisher:  Walker (2011) Genre:  CB   No. 1 Car Spotter Author:  Atinuke Publisher:  Walker (2010) Genre:  CB   [ Read the full article… ]

The BBS 2012 Summer Reading List — Young Adult

Finally, here are some young adult titles that we at the BBS have either read or plan on reading this summer. Check them out yourself–and be sure to share this list with all the teens in your world.   NEWER TITLES (2010-2012) Chameleon Author:  Charles R. Smith, Jr. Publisher:  Candlewick Press (2010) Genre:  YA   [ Read the full article… ]

Remembering One Million Men in October

October 16, 2010 marks the 15th Anniversary of the Million Man March, an event where African-American men from all over the country came together in the spirit of atonement, reconciliation, and responsibility. BBS’s Kelly Starling Lyons attended the march and is the author of the picture book, One Million Men and Me—a tender story told [ Read the full article… ]