The BBS 2012 Summer Reading List — Young Adult

Finally, here are some young adult titles that we at the BBS have either read or plan on reading this summer.

Check them out yourself–and be sure to share this list with all the teens in your world.


NEWER TITLES (2010-2012)


Author:  Charles R. Smith, Jr.

Publisher:  Candlewick Press (2010)

Genre:  YA


Good Fortune

Author:  Noni Carter

Publisher:  Simone & Schuster Books for Young Readers (2010)

Genre:  YA


Happy Families

Author:  Tanita Davis

Publisher:  Knopf (2012)

Genre:  YA


Myself and I

Author:  Earl Sewell

Publisher:  Kimani Tru/Harlequin (2010)

Genre:  YA


Perfect Shot

Author:  Debbie Rigaud

Publisher:  Simon & Schuster (2010)

Genre:  YA


Putting Makeup on the Fat Boy

Author:  Bil Wright

Publisher:  Simon & Schuster (2011)

Genre:  YA


Saving Maddie

Author:  Varian Johnson

Publisher:  Delacorte/Random House (2010)

Genre:  YA


Ship of Souls

Author:  Zetta Elliott

Publisher:  Amazon/Encore (2012)

Genre:  YA/SFF


You Don’t Even Know Me: Short Stories and Poems about Boys

Author:  Sharon G. Flake

Publisher:  Hyperion (2010)

Genre:  YA



Angel’s Grace

Author:  Tracey Baptiste

Publisher:  Simon and Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books (2009)

Genre:  YA


Aya” Series

Author:  Marguerite Abouet

Publisher:  Drawn & Quarterly (from 2007)

Genre:  YA/Graphic Novel


“Del Rio Bay Clique” Series

Author:  Paula Chase

Publisher:  Dafina (from 2007)

Genre:  YA


Drama High:  The Fight

Author:  L. Divine

Publisher:  Kensington (2006)

Genre:  YA


Jason and Kyra

Author:  Dana Davidson

Publisher:  Hyperion (2005)

Genre:  YA


Listen for the Fig Tree

Author:  Sharon Bell Mathis

Publisher:  Puffin (1990)

Genre:  YA



Author:  Walter Dean Myers

Publisher:  HarperCollins (1999)

Genre:  YA


Naughts & Crosses

Author:  Malorie Blackman

Publisher:  Simon & Schuster (2005)

Genre: YA/SF

4 thoughts on “The BBS 2012 Summer Reading List — Young Adult

  1. Great list! (Not just because my novel is on it… but thanks for that!) I’m going to check out a few of these titles myself!

  2. The first list came through, and I was gratified.
    The second list, and I was excited.
    The third, and I was astounded.

    Yes: love the books.
    But the PICTURES!!!! Brown. Kids. Reading.
    A very, very, very good thing.
    Thank YOU.

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