Kidlit Rally for Black Lives

Around the nation, people are hurting. Award-winning authors Kwame Alexander, Jacqueline Woodson and Jason Reynolds have organized a Kidlit Rally for Black Lives. We’re honored to host it on our FaceBook Live on Thursday, June 4. This is a time to come together and stand up. Our kids need us. Please join us and spread the word. Together, we can make a difference.





83 thoughts on “Kidlit Rally for Black Lives

  1. Hi,

    I’m sharing this information with my school community. Is there a way to participate in this event without a Facebook account?

    Thank you so much for organizing this event!

    1. Thank you for sharing with your school community. Hopefully, we will. Will have more information about that tomorrow.

        1. You can also watch things on Facebook Live, if you’re not a member. When you first log into it, there’s a pop-up that makes it look like you have to sign into a FB account, but you can just click through it and it will go away. (I went the longest time without participating in FB events because I didn’t know this.) Thanks for offering the Zoom alternative, too.

        2. Do you have some security measures in place so it won’t get Zoom-bombed? I want to send the link to my students. (I am an educator in Massachusetts)

      1. This is great that it’ll be recorded. I’m sharing this around the world, so the time change is an issue for kids (like mine!) who are 6+ hours ahead, across the oceans. Thank you for putting this together. Very much looking forward to the recording, and have been spreading the word far and wide. I’m a freelance writer covering kids’ emotional and psychological development, and general health, for outlets like New York Times, Washington Post, Parents, PBS, Nat Geo Family, and many others. If there’s any other way I can help a future initiative please let me know. Unfortunately, I learned about this only a day ago, or I would have tried to write something around it. Please let me know.

        1. Hi Lorraine, Thanks so much for your important work and support. It means a lot to us that you spread the word about the rally and are willing to help with future endeavors. If you’d like to interview any of the rally organizers, please let us know. Our new project is Generations Book Club. We just launched it June 1. It will run through the end of August. More details about it here – and Our signature initiative is 28 Days Later which a Black History Month celebration of Black children’s book creators. We’d love to keep in touch.

      1. Have you found ASL interpreters for this event? I work for a Deaf and Hard of hearing program and people are asking if this will be interpreted in ASL.

      2. I saw on the FB Page that this will have ASL interpreters.
        Thank you for providing access!

    1. Have you found ASL interpreters for this event? I work for a Deaf and Hard of hearing program and people are asking if this will be interpreted in ASL. I would be wonderful for this to be accessible so we can share it within our program.

  2. Another reason why I love the KidLit community. Y’all are amazing — putting yourselves out there, and working together in beautiful supportive ways. This is important and wonderful. We’ll be promoting, and if we can do more, just let me know. With thanks, appreciation and gratitude.

  3. Thank you so much for doing this. You mentioned a way of participating for those of us who prefer not to be on Facebook. Can you please share those details?

  4. Could you describe this event further. Want to share asap, will it be speakers, readings? Thank you.

  5. Thanks for this!
    Is there a limit to how many people can attend via zoom?
    Will the zoom room open early to allow people to get in?
    Thanks again,

    1. There is a Zoom limit in the thousands. Not sure if it will open early. I’ll inquire and let you know.

  6. We can’t come at that time but would really love to see the recording – any way to access it after the fact? Thank you so much!

    1. Yes, the rally will be recorded. We’ll post a link here when it’s ready as well as on our FB page.

  7. I want to be able to see the recording after the event. There may be a limit to what Zoom can accommodate and it will not be a good time for me. It is best for me to see the recording.

  8. Dear Kelly, I’ve shared the news about this event via social media and with personal friends – thanks for organizing. If there’s any other way I can help with this at all, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I’ll be one of the thousands attending (and lifting my voice and singing with you, silently, in my heart). All best, Padma Venkatraman

    1. Thanks so much, Padma. Spreading the word and attending are the best ways to support. We appreciate your solidarity.

  9. This is awesome that you guys are having this for the kids because I was trying to explain to my daughter why everyone is protesting and its hard because I have taught my kids that color doesn’t matter. My daughter is 9 she doesn’t understand that some people don’t see things like we do.

    1. Thanks so much for your support. Children lead with their hearts. We can learn a lot from them.

  10. Thank you so much for this! I have shared with all of my students, and I’ll be there as well. What is the meeting password for the Zoom link?

  11. Could you please let me know if the Zoom link is for a Zoom Webinar or for a regular Zoom meeting? I’m concerned about safety, and the possibility of Zoom bombing, since this event has been so largely (and wonderfully!) publicized. I will of course promote the Facebook livestream as a way to access the event, but wanted to know about the Zoom link before promoting that to my students. Thank you!

    1. Just seeing your message. The recording is available on YouTube now – YouTube at SCBWI, which provided tech support for the event, made sure the webinar was secure. Appreciate you sharing with your students.

  12. I tried to gain access to the FB live ,but it re-directed me toZoom which was at capacity. I really tried to find a way to join this Brown Bookshelf presentation of wonderful authors-illustrators and poets!

  13. Will there be a link containing the resources that have been mentioned in this event? For example, Jason Reynolds listed many names of authors and I would like to check out their books for our library. Also, specifically, which of your book lists can I reach into to find more titles that do not revolve around racial struggle or trauma? I do my best to consider this when doing collection development but publishing companies tend to push painful titles to the top.

  14. My girls and I watched the KidLit Rally last night. Thank you! It was amazing.

    I’m trying to listen, love, and take action right now. I work with Pineapple Street Media and they are offering support to help get more Black voices heard. I received this in an email this morning:

    Pineapple decided we wanted to do something actionable and immediate to help black creators, rather than simply release a statement of support. So we decided to offer free podcast consulting from our staff for anyone who wants it. That can mean pitch feedback, script notes, business advice, tech training, etc. Anyone interested can email to schedule their session.

    We need to hear more Black voices. If you know anyone who is interested in this, please share.

    Thank you!

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