Recognize: An Anthology Honoring and Amplifying Black Life – The Conversation

Many times, the Brown Bookshelf family turns to Wade and Cheryl Hudson for inspiration and institutional knowledge of Black creatives in publishing – both our triumphs and our tribulations. It was our honor to sit with the Hudsons and contributors Nikki Grimes and London Ladd to talk about their latest project, an innovative and groundbreaking anthology celebrating Black life.

This in-depth conversation was one part panel, one part revival. Treat yourself to the origin story of the anthology, its impact on the contributors and the beautiful pieces of artwork that make Recognize what Kirkus Reviews called “A multifaceted, sometimes disheartening, yet consistently enriching primer on the unyielding necessity of those three words: Black Lives Matter.”

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Book cover of Recognize Anthology

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Please consider purchasing Recognize from your favorite Black-owned Independent Bookstores. An abbreviated list below, in order by city/state:


Little Shop of Stories (Atlanta)

The Frugal Bookstore (Boston)

Da Book Joint (Chicago)

The Dock Bookshop (Dallas)

Sankofa Video and Book Cafe (DC)

Loyalty Bookstore (DC)

Malik Books (LA)

Eye See Me (Missouri)

The Tiny Bookstore (Pittsburgh)

Brain Lair  (South Bend)





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